60% off Stacksocial courses with coupon

For a limited time, coupon code PREZDAY60 gets you a 60% off discount on classes and courses at the Stacksocial website. The physical goods (eg consumer electronics) are NOT eligible for the coupon for obvious reasons. If you are not sure whether something would qualify, their shopping cart is the ultimate decider. I believe a Stacksocial account is needed to test the coupon in their shopping cart.

For physical goods and such, coupon code PREZDAY15 gets you 15% off those eligible products. Again, their shopping cart is the ultimate decider…

CreativeLIVE’s Creator Pass for $199 [limited time]

January is the New Year Resolutions month. February is the month most of them die a quiet and a unglorified death… But IF you want to resurrect your “learning” New Year Resolution, for a limited time, thanks to an in-cart discount [no coupon code needed], CreativeLIVE is offering your first year of their Creator Pass for $199 for the first year. This is a 1-year prepaid subscription to almost all the classes they offer. There are some exceptions and restrictions however. The excluded classes are listed in the Exclusions page

If you prefer to sample classes with a closed wallet, you can stream for FREE the following classes on the following days as shown at their On-AIR page. A variety of topics are scheduled from the world of photography and other creative subjects, along with meta topics for creatives [eg, business, marketing etc as it pertains to creative …creations]…

Wedding photography classes sale at C-LIVE

It’s never too late to be preparing for wedding photography season, since rumor has it people get married all around the year ๐Ÿ˜‰ Which brings us to the latest Creative LIVE sale, it is a Wedding Photography sale with the discount amounts varying by class. The price you see is the price you pay.

The sale includes classes from well-known photographers like Lindsay Adler, Robert Lim, Jasmin Star, Jirsa, Cincota and more. Topics cover most aspects of wedding photography but they also have more all-around classes like a “Bootcamp” and a “30 Days” class. There are many classes there, so many there are TWO pages of search results at the aforelinked page.

Speaking of weddings, the 2019 WPPI trade show tips off on February 25 in Las Vegas. Check the trade show calendar for the planned 2019 action…

I am too working on a wedding photography class, it’s a very niche topic but something I believe no one has paid attention to, “Wedding Photography with WebCams for couples married by an internet priest” ๐Ÿ™‚

50% off site-wide at CreativeLIVE [also $50 off 1-YR of Creator Pass]

CreativeLIVE is running another promotion, this one is running until the middle of the day on Tuesday (noon pacific I believe), and it is a price-you-see is the price-you-pay type of offer, with a built-in 50% off discount on all the classes they offer on their website… No coupon is needed for the 50% off sale, but a coupon is needed for the offer in the next paragraph…

On the other hand, if you are a fan of Netflix-style watching instead of digital-ownership, coupon code FEBCREATE50 gets you $50 off your first year of their Creator Pass, a 1-year prepaid subscription to almost all the classes they offer. There are some exceptions and restrictions however. The excluded classes are listed in the Exclusions page

If you prefer totally free, you can watch [stream] for free the following classes on the following days as shown at their On-AIR page. Topics for this week include weddings, lightroom, logo design, podcasting, photoshop, graphic design, color, various business-related topics for creatives and mo(i)re…

CreativeLIVE coupon: 50% off one class

This is a make your own sale type of a coupon promotion at Creative LIVE. Use coupon code 50OFF to get 50% off one class over there. The promotion expires before FEBR-16 at midnight. Unfortunately that’s what it says, so I don’t know if that means 11:59pm or 12:01am ๐Ÿ™‚ Restrictions apply as usual…

CL: up to 60% off Fashion Photography classes

CreativeLIVE is running another limited time sale, this one gets you up to 60% off select Fashion Photography classes. The price you see is the price you pay.

If you are not fond of paying though, CreativeLIVE has you covered as well. You can watch for FREE select classes when they are streaming live at the ON-AIR LIVE page. There is a detailed schedule over there, with world premiers clearly marked… A variety of topics are coming up in the next week, from heavy wedding focus [it’s Valentine’s after all] to wine tasting. Wine tasting vs ISO comparisons, are they really the same thing? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Speaking of world premieres, if you are a fan of bird photography, save the date! March 20 is the live free-to-watch world premiere of Frans Lanting’s “The art of photographing birds”. This classes will decidedly be more useful than my work-in-progress class “Bird Posing 101” ๐Ÿ˜‰

FREE to Watch: Choosing first DSLR and Buyer’s Guide classes

If you like to watch/listen to meta gear discussions, you are in luck because there are two free-to-watch classes available at CreativeLIVE with John GreenGo:

+ Choosing your first DSLR

+ Camera Buyer’s Guide (2018 edition)

Camera Guides sale at CL (many options)

If you are a fan of camera guides to be presented on video instead of reading them in a book, CreativeLIVE is currently having a sale (the price you see is the price you pay) on their Camera Guides, which they call “Fast Starts”. Many fan-favorite cameras have classes on them, not just Canon and Nikon and Sony [as expected] but also Fuji and Olympus and Leica and Panasonic. But nothing for PenTax. Mayhaps they don’t believe in taxing pens? ^_^

CL coupon: $20 off Bundles and Conferences

For a limited time, coupon code BUNDLE20 gets you 20% off Bundles and Conferences at CreativeLIVE. Bundles are groupings of classes under one photographic umbrella (ha!), such as Photoshop, Night Photography, Beginners, Lighting, Architecture, Portraiture, Weddings of course, Foodies, Outdoorsies, etc.

Tue: 19 classes for $19 each at CreativeLIVE

For Tuesday FEB-05-2019, as a one-day sale, CreativeLIVE is offering 19 classes for $19 each with a variety of topics of potential interest such as beginner classes (studio basics, craft pho, food pho, retouching) along with business and freelancer topics, DIY lighting gear, headshots, etc…

Speaking of CL, you can watch {stream} for FREE during the designated days the various classes shown at the CL On-Air schedule

In other Tuesday news, there’s a new Trader Joe Fearless Flyer ๐Ÿ™‚

50% off select CreativeLIVE classes

For a limited time, CreativeLIVE is offering select classes for 50% off. The price you see is the price you pay ~ the discount happens automatically in the shopping cart, there’s no coupon code to enter… Topics include film-making, commercial portraiture (fashion, environmental, experimental, etc), story-telling classes, and special effects with Adobe software (green screen, composite, composing, etc)… Happy learnings ๐Ÿ™‚

CreativeLive Season Pass for $249 (1-Year) or $29 month-to-month

Good until the end of January 2019 (31st at 11:59pm ET), coupon code STARTCREATING20 gets you the following discounts on the CreativeLIVE Season Pass: a 1-year prepaid subscription drops in the shopping cart from $300 to $250. This rate is for the first year (12 months = 365 days). Alternately you can sign up for their beta month-to-month option that is $29 per month. The latter is handy if there’s only a small number of classes you are interested in, or you only have schedule flexibility during certain months of the year…

NOTE that most but not all classes are available through the Season Pass. Their FAQ pages have detailed exclusions

50% off Lindsay Adler classes at CL

For a limited time only, CreativeLIVE is offering 50% off Lindsay Adler classes. The price you see is the price you pay. Sale prices start at $14 and go up. Around forty classes are available from Ms Adler and participate in this sale! There’s a few short free ones as well in the second page of the search results…

Speaking of free, you can watch for free during the designated days the various classes shown at the CL On-Air schedule

Meanwhile the limited time $15 off coupon, aptly named 15FROMCHASE continues to run and it is good on all classes [I don’t know if it works on sale/featured items, I haven’t tested it]. Check their class catalog for ideas…

CreativeLIVE: 50% off One Class [also: $50 off Season Pass]

Another limited time coupon promotion is running at the CreativeLIVE website. Use coupon code DREAMON (one word, as in DREAM ON) to get 50% off the price of one class.

But that’s not all! CreativeLIVE is also offering limited time coupon code CREATENOW that gets you $50 off your first year of their “Creator Pass” Season Pass. This is a Netflix-style 1-year subscription that lets you watch most classes at their website whenever you want as long as your Netflix-style subscription is active.

Some classes are excluded from the “Creator Pass” – here is the exclusions page.

And if your schedule allows it, don’t forget to keep checking their ON-AIR schedule page for free-to-stream classes during the promotional windows…

Limited time coupon: $15 off at CreativeLIVE

I don’t know if this promotion is targeted towards existing customers or anyone can use it, but good for a limited time, coupon code 15FROMCHASE gets you $15 off any class at the CreativeLIVE website.

On the other hand, if you prefer FREE-to-watch and have schedule-flexibility, their ON-AIR schedule page has a …schedule of the free-to-watch classes during the promotional ON-AIR streaming windows. You can watch these classes for free as much as you want during the streaming window, but after that window closes, then you cannot watch them. On the other hand, if you purchase them, you can watch them at any time…

19 classes for $19 each at CL sale

CreativeLIVE is back with another promotion: 19 classes for $19 per class. Topics include flash shooting, location, light shaping, photoshop essentials, business-related, retouching, wedding, mobile photography, and high volume too. But also there’s DIY, black+white, short films and action sports. A loaded group, plus classes in “six degrees of separation” topics…

50% off all CreativeLIVE Bootcamps

CreativeLIVE is back with another promotion, this time, this new limited time offer gets you 50% off their Bootcamps, with Lightroom, Photoshop, Fine Art Photography, Outdoor, Beginners, Lighting, Wedding, Portrait, Premiere PRO, NewBorn, Photography Business, Boudoir, Yoga [for photographers], and more…

Meanwhile if you have flexibility in terms of your schedule, CL continues to offer free-to-watch during their streaming window classes at their Creative ON-AIR page. Today’s free-to-watch classes include Yoga for photographers, studio systems, Etsy 101 and more…

Upcoming classes in the next few days include a “build your photography business for $3,000” class, outdoor photography, online portfolio, lots of Etsy, and the world premiere on March 20 of “The Art of Photographing Birds” with Franz Lanting…

Sunday: Ruggard, 21.5″ HP, iPhone 6*, Etc

2019 is speeding along, it’s already the sixth (!!!) of the new year, and the Sunday B&H Photo daily deals include the following:

+ Ruggard Compact DSLR backpack V2 for $23
+ various Hoodman Hoodeye eyecups for various brands for $12 each (ten options)

At Woot Electronics there’s scratch and dent (S&D) iPhone 6* models ranging from $160 to $275, and at Computers there there’s a $60 refurbished HP 21.5″ LED monitor and a refurb Lenovo T530 notebook for $265 (15.6″, 256GB)…

49 classes under $49 each at CreativeLIVE (including some Bootcamps)

CreativeLIVE is back with another promotion, this time the theme is 49 classes under $49 each for a limited time as usual. The price you see is the price you pay. The sale includes various Bootcamps (Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic, Portrait, Beginner, Final Cut Pro X, etc)…

CL: 18 classes for $18 each [also $5 off coupon]

CreativeLIVE is back with another sale, for a limited time they are offering a 18 classes for $18 each sale with a variety of topics including wedding photography, boudoir, nature, fine art, posing, lighting, Adobe, portraits, business stuff and more. There’s also an $18 Lightroom CC Workflow class…

There’s also a limited time coupon THANKYOU that gets you $5 off your purchase. I do not know when this coupon expires…

Ends Tue 9pm ET: up to 60% off at CreativeLIVE

Christmas learnigns to you! Good until 9pm eastern on DEC-25-2018, a flash sale promotion at Creative LIVE gets you UP TO 60% off sales of everything at their website. The price you see is the price you pay ~ there’s no coupon to enter. The discount is automatically factored it is UP TO 60% off. Everything is not 60% off. Happy Eatings and Happy Learnings ^_^

30 Classes under $30 each at CreativeLIVE

It is not just the season of cheer, the potentially extra days from work can also mean more time for learnings. If so, this sale comes in handy, CreativeLIVE is having a 30 under $30 sale, that’s 30 classes for under $30 each. A variety of subjects are included grouped under beginning-photography, designer, self-starter, business-related, crafter, and the all important Photographer and last but not least musician. This is the order of classes as presented at the aforelinked page, not in order of priority! Because photographer is always number one with a bullet, longer at the number one spot than Whitney Houston’s Bodyguard soundtrack super smash hit pop songs ๐Ÿ™‚

19 Classes for $19 each at Creatives Live

A new offer has gone live at CreativeLIVE, a selection of 19 classes going for $19 each, although a couple of them are $17 each, including the “Yoga for Photographers” class ๐Ÿ™‚ Note that this grouping of classes is of general/creative/communication/business interest, the only photography class I’ve found is the aforementioned YOGA for Photographers [a 6-day class, each lesson under 1 hour, so it’s not demanding time-wise]. Lenovo Yoga NOT included with purchase ๐Ÿ™‚

CL Stocking Stuffers Sale

AS the name suggests, CreativeLIVE’s latest Stocking Stuffers sale is a mix of photography and creative classes across the spectrum, something for everyone as the cliche goes. The price you see is the price you pay. Many of the classes now have assembled quite a few reviews/ratings, making it easier to decide on it… They are also offering the option to Gift the class, so that’s a productive e-gift for someone that will stay with them for a long time…

Up to 50% off at CreativeLIVE

For a limited time, you can get up to 50% off every class at Creative LIVE. This sale happens automatically, meaning the price you see on the page is the price you pay… But you can also combine it with the limited time coupon we previously mentioned and it has now been extended to 12/16/18, use coupon code EXTRA5181211 to get an extra $5 off…

CreativeLIVE coupon: $5 off purchase

UPDATE: the coupon has been extended to 12/16/18…

For a limited time, coupon code EXTRA5181211 gets you $5 off your purchase at Creative LIVE. `No minimum purchase amount. Coupon expires 12/13/18. Coupon was sent to email subscribers. The smaller the class price, the better deal you can get with this coupon ~ percentage wise that is…

CreativeLIVE: All Classes under $60 each

CreativeLIVE time! For a limited time, they are running a promotion that gets you all of their classes for $60 or less. There is no coupon code to enter ~ the price you see is the price you pay!

7-Day Free Trial of CreativeLIVE’s Season Pass

If you are curious about the “Netflix style” plan of CreativeLIVE, the Creator Pass, they are currently running a 7-day free trial promotion. If not cancelled, it will convert to an annual for-pay subscription for $300 per year. You can cancel the free trial from the Settings page in your CL account. This plan allows you to watch most current and future classes as many times as you want during the free trial [and 1-year for pay subscription] BUT there are some exceptions due to prior agreements and such. The exceptions are listed in this FAQ page

Coupon for 15% off Bundles at CreativeLIVE

For a limited time, coupon code EXTRA15 gets you 15% off the class bundles offered at Creative LIVE. For this offer, you have to enter the coupon to get the extra 15% off! I do not know the expiration date/time of this coupon.

10 classes for $10 each at CreativeLIVE

For a limited time, CreativeLIVE is offering 10 classes for $10 each. The price you see is the price you pay, there is no coupon code to enter. When the sale ends, the price you see will be higher. Topics include portraits, photo restoration, lighting/posing large groups, maternity, an Art Wolfe classes, communication improvement, social media and more!

$50 off CreativeLIVE’s Creator Pass (1-Year Subscription)

For a limited time, coupon code STARTCREATING takes $50 off the price of a 1-year subscription to the CreativeLIVE Creator Pass, dropping it from $300 to $250. This pass gets you 365 days of watching almost every class at CreativeLIVE. Some classes/instructors are excluded per prior terms of their agreements. This is their FAQ page talking about the exclusions… Think of this as a prepaid Netflix-like subscription. Once the 365 days end, you don’t own any of the classes. Of course you still own any classes you had previously purchased individually or as part of a bundle…

60% off at CreativeLIVE

Black Friday is here at Creative LIVE where they offer 60% off everything. The price you see is the price you pay. There’s no coupon code needed to enter to get the discount. This is a limited time offer…

Up to 60% off at CreativeLIVE

CreativeLIVE is back with another sale on their website. This time the sale is up to 60% off. The price you see is the price you pay. There is no coupon to enter. Classes are discounted up to 60% off but I do not know how the percentages are determined…

Stacksocial Black Friday: 75% off Course Bundles, 40% off Digital; eg Windscribe PRO VPN Lifetime for $35 after coupon

I split the previous Stacksocial post because I got coupon-confused ๐Ÿ™‚

Point #1: you need to login in order to test the coupons. You test the coupons by clicking on the tiny blue “Promo Code” on the right side of the shopping cart. You may have to squint to see it. Then enter the coupon codes and see what happens. Their shopping cart is the ultimate decider on what happens…

Stacksocial has gone into Black Friday mode with a trio of limited time coupons!

+ coupon BFSAVE75 is 75% off online course bundles

+ for apps and digital goods, coupon code BFSAVE40 gets you 40% off meaning for just $35~ you can get Windscribe PRO VPN lifetime subscription (which is $59 before coupon). Windscribe PRO supports unlimited devices…

+ for physical goods, coupon code BFSAVE20 gets you 20% off, eg some of the various featured items

+ NOTE: I can’t test every product and coupon combination, so that’s DIY for any items you are interested in

20 Classes for $20 each at CreativeLIVE

A new promotion is up and running at Creative LIVE. For a limited time, 20 classes are available for $20 each. Topics include lens guides for the Canon and Nikon dSLR systems (separate classes of course), long exposure photography, color, craft photography, pregnancy, wedding, retouching, home studios and more…

60% off the Top 40 Classes at CreativeLIVE

As we get closer to Black Friday, new offers arrive at CreativeLIVE. The latest limited time offer is 60% off their Top 40 Online Classes. The price you see is the price you pay… The sale includes a variety of topics including Adobe-related, Family Photography, Portraits/Posing, and more…

On the other hand, if during the next 12 months you plan to have available time to watch a lot of photography classes, they are offering a Creator Pass for a one-time payment of $300 that lets you watch almost all the classes available over there [some exclusions apply per prior agreements between CL and the instructors]…

With Thanksgiving literally just around the corner, the number of food photography related classes is reaching an all time high for this new week at CreativeLIVE ON-AIR where you can watch classes for FREE during their live-streaming windows…

15 classes for $15 each at CreativeLIVE

If you are a fan of the CreativeLIVE way of e-teaching, for a limited time, they have a 15 for $15 flash sale featuring fifteen different classes for $15 each. You get lifetime access to each purchased class with digital downloads available through their iOS app only. Topics in this round include baby safety/posing for newborns, lifestyle/family, low-key portraits, lighting, astro-landscape, retouching and various other things…

CreativeLIVE launches Black Friday Preview Sale

e-Learnings time now! CreativeLIVE has launched their Black Friday Preview Sale featuring a number of classes/bundles with more to be added in the next few days. Among the sale items as of the time of writing:

+ 28 Days of Portrait Photography with Sue Bryce for $79
+ that’s 85 lessons with homework/lessons/topics for 28 days if you want to take the class on the default pace

+ Fine Art Women’s Portraits for $19

+ Posing 101 with Lindsay Adler for $59

+ Portraits under pressure for $39

+ Photographing challenging features for $39

+ and more!

+ PRO TIP: you can also e-gift the classes!

1-Year of CreativeLIVE streaming of almost everything for $299

CreativeLIVE typically sells individual classes on by one, or sells them in bundles (eg the Photoshop Week bundles). But they also offer on occasion streaming options. For a one-time payment of $299, you get to stream almost every class they offer as much as you want for one year (365 days). This is called the Creator Pass.

They have an FAQ page for this streaming bundle, and they also list individually the Excluded classes. Over 1500 classes are including in the streaming package, and this includes new [future] classes added to the service during your subscription year.

If you are viewing at the Creative LIVE website, you can only stream. But if you use their iOS (iPhone/iPad) app, then you can also download some of the subscription classes through the iOS app for later untethered viewing. Note that they don’t currently have an Android app!

Starts 12pm ET: Crappy Light (HA!) photography class

They certainly picked the day for a “Crappy” theme ๐Ÿ™‚ The Tuesday round of CreativeLIVE ON-AIR classes that starts up at 12pm eastern as usual [their studio is in Seattle, they exist in the Pacific time zone] is headlined by the “Conquering Crappy Light” classes with Lindsay Adler and Erik Valind. Two of the other classes are of general creative interest: buildling a creative’s blog and becoming a working artist. I am assuming the “making money with music” class targets record labels ^_^

25 classes for $15 each at CreativeLIVE

Since the last time we mentioned it, CreativeLIVE added ten more classes to their Photography Sale with each class going for $15 each with lifetime access. Among the ten new classes, there’s one that’s “Pricing and Sales for Photographers” [important when it comes to paying bill$], Instagram audience growth, Children & Family photography, baby photography with Anne Geddes, animal photography and more!

Creative LIVE: 15 Photography Classes for $15 each

And now some learnings! Creative LIVE is running a new limited time sale featuring 15 photography classes going for $15 each with lifetime access. Topics include lighting, composition, real estate, beginners, lightroom, histogram, posing, storytelling, second-shooting, etc.

50% off site-wide at Creative LIVE

Today is National Camera today, and to celebrate this, CreativeLIVE has a 50% off Site Wide Sale on all the classes they offer. The price you see is the price you pay during this limited time offer. No coupon code needed.

Meanwhile starting at 12pm ET today (Friday 6/29/18) at the ON-AIR Schedule they have streaming for free for this 24 hour window another handful of classes including “Compositing for Commercial Photography” and the world premiere of “Think like a Visual designer”…

CreativeLIVE Netflix Style Viewing: July 2018 for $49 or The Rest of 2018 for $149

If you prefer Netflix-style viewing instead of purchasing/digital-owning individual classes, CreativeLIVE has a coupon promotion until 6/30/18. Coupon code ACCESSPASS50 gets you a $50 off discount on these Netflix-style plans:

+ Watch Everything at CreativeLIVE until 12/31/2018 (half a year) for $149 after coupon
+ you can watch everything until 12/31/18 but you own nothing

+ Watch Everything in July 2018 for $49 after coupon
+ you can watch everything until 7/31/18 but you own nothing

CreativeLIVE sale on their Top 100 classes

Good until 6/29/18 until 11:59pm pacific time, CreativeLIVE is having a Top 100 Classes sale. The price you see is the price you pay. The discount is up to 75% off and varies by class.

Meanwhile on the free to watch front, starting at 12pm ET today, Monday 6/25/18, the CreativeLIVE ON-AIR schedule will be streaming free-to-watch a few classes including “Creative Food Photography”…

Flash Sale: 50% off Bootcamp Classes at CL

For a limited time, Creative LIVE is running a flash sale, 50% off Bootcamp classes. The price you see is the price you pay. A handful of photo-related bookcamps are participating in the sale including Portrait Photography (two different options), Photoshop, Lightroom, Fine Art Photography, Premiere, Final Cut, Newborn photography (photographing newborns, not teaching newborn how to take pictures), Beginner’s Crash course, Outdoors Photography, and more! The price you see is the price you pay during this limited time flash sale…

Meanwhile at the free-to-stream ON-AIR schedule, streaming for today, Friday 6/22/18, are a handful of “creatives” classes, including “Filming Families – Modern Family Video” with Courtney Holmes, along with “Photo Transfers for Mixed Media Collage” and “Make Money Making Art” (almost as elusive as a unicorn) classes. And a utilitarian class, “Creating Interactive PDFs”. Remember, these classes stream throughout the day and night, so if multiple are of interest, and you have the time, you can keep watching them until 12pm eastern of the following day.

50% off Adobe classes with CreativeLIVE coupon [updated]

UPDATE: this coupon had a technical glitch that has since been resolved. To make up for it, CreativeLIVE has added an extra day to the coupon expiration…

CreativeLIVE is back with a coupon promotion! Coupon ADOBE gets you 50% off Adobe Classes at CreativeLIVE including Bootcamp-style classes, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Retouching and Editing, and more! The coupon expires at the very specific time of 11:45am pacific time on 6/24/18…

For free-to-watch classes, check their ON-AIR Schedule page

20% off at Creative LIVE with coupon!

Happy Father’s Day from Creative LIVE where coupon code THANKSDAD gets you 20% off the current prices of all classes in the Creative Live catalog. This is a limited time coupon, expiration time unknown…

Starts Fri 12pm ET (Free to Stream): Animal Photography

A new day, a new sale promotion at CreativeLIVE. This sale features 12 classes on sale for $20 each. No coupon code needed. Classes include: Commercial Photography, Low Fuss Lighting, Men’s Portraiture, real estate photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, Color Techniques (for retouching), typography, and mo(i)re…

On the free-to-stream front, starting on Friday at 12pm ET at Creative LIVE ON-AIR the headliner is the “Integrating Animal Photography into your Business” class. Fear not, integrals are not needed to do this ๐Ÿ™‚

Starts Thur 12pm ET (Free to Watch): Animal Photography

On the free-streaming front, starting at 12pm ET on Thursday 6/14/18 the Creative LIVE ON-AIR schedule is headlined by “Animal Photography” class with Rachael Hale McKenna. Other classes include networking, design, floral, etc… Then starting at 4pm eastern is the world premiere (recording LIVE in front of a live studio audience in Seattle) is another “Photographic Critique” class with Alex Strohl…