“Nikon Df: The Expanded Guide” for $12 [paperback]

Back to the Gold Box we go where Nikon Df fans (or Df-curious photographers) can get the paperback edition of the “Nikon Df (Expanded Guides)” by Jon Snow (oops, Jon Sparks) for $12.29, with free Prime shipping or with a $25+ order.

This has 240 pages, and it has “Look Inside” activated, so when you click on the main picture in the gallery, it will take you on a wild ride inside the book. This is handy because you can jump all over the book, it can give you a much better feel for the book than just the first few pages that we get with the Kindle sample.

Offer ends on Saturday at 2:45am ET or earlier if sold out.

The Panasonic GM5 Menu System Simplified for $5

David Thorpe is not a chef but he is a menu guru as he specializes in M43rd camera menu books. The Kindle e-book version of his “The Panasonic GM5 Menu System Simplified” is on sale for $5 at amazon.com. The paperback is not, it goes for $12. It averages 4 out of 5 based on five customer reviews.

Paperback: “The Olympus E-M1 MkII Menu System Simplified” for $9

The paperback edition of the book “The Olympus E-M1 MkII Menu System Simplified” by David Thorpe is currently going for the very specific price of $9.34 at Amazon by Amazon itself. Free 2-day shipping for Prime members. The usual $25+ limit for free shipping applies to non-Prime members. The e-book goes for $6.

IF you click on the main gallery picture over there, it will take you inside the book where you can see the Tablet of Contents, along with various random pages within the book. This is a good way to get a very good feel of whether this book is something you may or may not find useful.

It averages 4.1 out of 5 based on 34 customer reviews. It is 175 pages long. Book dimensions: 5.1 x 0.4 x 7.8 inches per the listing.