(ENDED) Refurbished Canon RAWsumers w/1yr warranty: Canon G9X for $281, G1X for $442, G5X for $544, G3X for $638

This coupon expired…

Coupon code TREATPLEASE can get you the following manufacturer refurbished Canon RAWsumers (fixed lens cameras with RAW support out of the box) at the following prices, with a 1-year Canon USA warranty:

+ Canon G3 X for $637.50
+ Canon G5 X for $544
+ Canon G1 X for $442
+ Canon G9 X silver for $280.50

+ Out of stock: Canon G7 X, G16
+ Out of stock CANNOT be ordered

+ PRO TIP #1: multiple the price by 0.85, instead of doing 15% off and then subtracting!

+ PRO TIP #2: sort the list at the Canon website by price (ascending or descending) and increase the viewing size to 36 or 72 to view them all in a single page

+ Price Reference: the July 2017 RAWsumer Price Charts
+ a new version of these is coming in early November