Pre-order Hasselblad Mirrorless Medium Format System

The mirrorless party jumps to the Medium Format world as well, Hasselblad has a new Medium Format mirrorless system with the new X1D-50c camera and two prime lenses (90/3.2 and 45/3.5). The new items are available for pre-order with a late July 2016 release estimate. The pre-order prices are $9000, $2700 and $22300 respectively and can be pre-ordered at Adorama and B&H Photo… These have been added to the New Cameras & Lenses of 2016 Tracking page


  1. S.W. Anderson says

    A popular photography blog I get rss snippets from on my myYahoo page touts this in a headline as Hasselblad bringing medium format to the masses. Really. The masses can’t wait to pass the plastic (or take out a second mortgage) for the privilege of creating Times Square-size electronic billboard images to wow the folks who come to their next Thanksgiving gathering.

    This strikes me as a great example of the the kind of mindless dreck dished out by bloggers who really, REALLY want a manufacturer to send them an early free sample to review (as in promote).

    That exquisitely expensive Hassy undoubtedly will be useful and profitable for some pro’s who will use it to make money and amortize its staggering cost on their tax returns over x-number of years. The masses, meanwhile, will buy their Canon T5 or T6i, their Oly EM10 or some such, and get along nicely without that brutally expensive overabundance of sensor size and pixels. And, some bloggers will continue to exhibit their total lack of good sense, much less honesty and integrity.

    • It’s hard to get the masses these days to buy a P&S digital camera since they use their phones for everything, let alone invest $12,000+ in a system they probably will never hear about unless they read photography websites/forums 🙂

      IF anything the Pentax 645D for $4000 and an abundance of used lenses is much closer to Medium Format for the Masses!

      • S. W. Anderson says

        Indeed, I saw the 645D item above and thought the same thing. Only, those masses would have to be kind of small and huddled. 😉 With so many people licking their financial wounds from the Great Recession, $4,000 still puts medium format solidly into the realm of those who need and can use all that resolution and gradation to make money. Your point about so many using cell phone cameras is well taken, though.