Refurbished Nikon D610 body only for $665

We have a “Refurbished Full Frame Trilogy” of posts, starting with the refurbished US model Nikon D610 body only for $665 with free S&H for Prime members or $6 flat for non-members. Yes, you can haz a full framer for under $666 πŸ™‚

Up to ten per customer at the sale price. It comes with a 90-day Woot warranty. This one does not have an optional SquareTrade warranty offer [or I didn’t find it].

This too surfaced through the Woot Categories, a much easier way to see what else the still-chaotic Woot is offering πŸ™‚

Refurbished Canon 6D body only for $795

Also digging through the Woot offerings we find in refurbished condition the US model of the Canon 6D body only (the first generation) going for $795 with free S&H for Primes (or $6 flat for non) and a 90-day Woot warranty.

Up to three per customer at the sale price. SquareTrade offers an optional 1-year protection plan for +$110.

Refurbished Canon 5DS body only for $1100

Among its longer running Camera Offerings Woot has the refurbished US model Canon 5DS body only offered for $1100 and free shipping for Prime (or $6 flat for non) and a 90-day Woot warranty.

Up to ten units per customer at the sale price. Optionally they offer a 1-year SquareTrade plan on it for +$180. So, as you can see, there is a value difference between a 90-day and a 1-year warranty…

Send $50+ Amazon eGift Cards via SMS, Get $5 store credit

Running until June 28 in 2020, Amazon is running a Gift Cards by SMS promotion. You send $50+ in Amazon eGift Cards by SMS, and you receive a $5 store credit in your account towards your next eligible purchase.

You must either use coupon code SMS2020 or if you are at the aforelinked page while logged on to your Amazon account, click on the “Click to add the code to your account” to add the promotion to your account and it will be utilized automatically when you order the gift cards by SMS.

The $50+ can be reached with multiple gift cards but they must all be in the same shopping cart, at the same time. The delivery selected must be “Text Message”. The $5 promotional bonus in your account must be used by 8/13/20.

NOTE that the offer is good for electronic Gift Cards (aka eGift Cards), not plastic gift cards…

Annotated screenshot below. To click on the button go to the SMS eGift Card promotion page at Amazon…

Magnus REX VT-6000 2-Stage Tripod w/Fluid Head for $549

A new limited time promotion is running at B&H Photo, for $549 with free US shipping you can get the new condition Magnus REX VT-6000 2-Stage Video Tripod with Fluid Head. No coupon, no rebate, just add to cart and proceed to checkout…

PS: and for those of you working from home and in need of additional equipment or upgrade of older devices, B&H has created a Work From Home portal…

DJI Osmo Pocket Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with integrated Camera for $279

Woot is running a Liquidation sale and one of the items under Electronics offered over there is the new condition DJI Osmo Pocket Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with integrated Camera offered for $279 with free S&H for Prime members or $6 flat during the calendar day for non-Primes… It has a 90-day Woot warranty per the listing…

Woot is also running another variant of their Bargain Bin sale with randomness as usual.

They are also running a Centon storage sale with various USB flash drives (eg 2pk 256GB USB 3.0 for $50, 5pk 32GB USB 2.0 for $23, etc), and a 3pk of microSD memory cards…

And if you are looking for refurbished HP printers they have a sale featuring eight models ranging from $37 to $86 with a 90-day HP warranty. The ink pack shown there separately is not refurbished πŸ™‚

Wedn: ASUS Zenfone and 29″ Monitor, Tiffen VND (72 to 82mm), Dr. Bag, SteadiCam, Panasonic HomeHawk, Etc

It’s ASUS day at the B&H daily deals for Wednesday 3/25/20, good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ ASUS ZenFone 5Z ZS620KL Dual-SIM 64GB Smartphone (Unlocked) for $279
+ because not everything revolves around iPhones and Galaxies
+ okay, scientifically yes to the Galaxies πŸ˜‰

+ ASUS MX299Q Ultra-Wide Cinematic Monitor (29″, Silver and Black) for $199
+ 21:9 2560 x 1080, 0.8mm Bezel Thickness,16.4mm at Thinnest Point, etc

+ Tiffen Variable Neutral Density Filters, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, $50 to $70 each AFTER a $20 mail-in rebate

+ SteadiCam AIR 25 Monopod for $199

+ ARCO Video Dr. Bag 20 for $69
+ also useful for your Grey’s Anatomy cosplays?

+ Panasonic HomeHawk SHELF 1080p Home Monitoring Camera with Night Vision for $60
+ NOT micro four thirds πŸ™‚

+ flashdeal: Pelican 7060 Gen 5 Rechargeable LED Flashlight for $70
+ next: JOBY GripTight POV Kit (price before sale $19)

Panasonic GH5 body only for $1398 w/FREE Next Day Shipping

IF of all the M43rds and other assorted mirrorless cameras out there it is the new condition Panasonic GH5 body only the one you want, you can get it for $1398 with free next day shipping in the USA. Offer ends 3/28/20. As usual, you can triple the original 1-year warranty by filing with Panasonic (PDF with the details is at the aforelinked B&H product page)…

Optionally, when you click on the “Build Bundle” button, you are presented with various combined purchase offers. One of them is a lens, the Panasonic Leica 10-25mm f1.7 and getting them together gets you a $200 off combined purchase discount. The other options include software, camera bags, and a $150 off combined purchase discount on the Panasonic DMW-BGGH5 battery grip…

Sony a7r III with 24-105mm for $3896 with FREE Next Day Shipping

Anxious to get started quickly on your new full frame photographic adventures? Good until 3/29/20, B&H Photo is offering the new condition Sony a7R III with the 24-105mm lens for $3896 with free next day shipping in the USA. Of course the Corona situation may (or may not) impact delivery times, so always keep that in mind until things get sorted out…

Sigma 105mm f2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro for $469 [C/N]

And a macro and a prime and stabilized! Photographers of the Canon and Nikon SLR systems can part with $469 and for that you can get the new condition Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro lens with B&H including a free Tiffen UV filter as well. With the extra down time, it is a good time to photograph the spring in your backyard and all the little things you (re)discover [and sell on eBay?] while getting an early start on spring cleaning inside the home/apartment/etc…

Offer ends on 3/31/20 or earlier if it sells out…

20% off Reconditioned products w/GetOlympus coupon [ends Tue 11:59pm ET]

Good until Tuesday 3/24/20 at 11:59pm eastern time, coupon code SPRING20 gets you 20% off on certified reconditioned products at the Get Olympus website. New condition products are not eligible for the coupon. The usual restrictions/limitations apply…

Tuesday: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 for $60

The headliner Amazon Gold Box deal of the day for Tuesday 3/24/20 is the Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 going for $60 in your choice of digital download or Disc delivered by mail…

In other daily action, the Adorama daily deal (changes Wedn 10am ET) is the new condition Polar Pro Mavic 2 Pro Cinema Series Gradient Filter Collection (with ND8GR, ND164 & ND328) going for $50 with free US shipping…

Tuesday: Zeiss Batis 40/2 CF (E) for $949, Wooden Camera, DraCast, SmallHD, Etc

Hooray, we have another lens day, Tuesday 3/24/20 is the second in a row at the B&H daily deals good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Zeiss Batis 40mm f2 CF for $949 in Sony E only (full frame of course)
+ CF = close focusing, not carried forward

+ Wooden Camera Unified BMPCC4K/BMPCC6K Camera Cage (Rubber Handle) for $169
+ “Wooden Camera” is the company’s name, you will not receive an actually wooden camera πŸ™‚
+ add this to the company/product naming faux-pas πŸ™‚

+ DraCast BoltRay LED600 Plus Daylight LED Light for $139

+ SmallHD FOCUS OLED SDI Monitor Gimbal Kit for $299

+ also NetGear NightHawk and Denon Audio Commander
+ very impressive sounding names πŸ™‚

Meanwhile the headliner of the Tuesday Best Buy dailies is the Microsoft Surface PRO 7 tablet going for $900 after you add it to the shopping cart (12.3″, i5, 8GB, 256GB SSD, latest model). Keyboard and Pen are NOT included…

USED 128GB Lexar Professional 3500x CFast 2.0 for $129

The new condition 128GB Lexar Professional 3500x CFast 2.0 memory card is currently on sale for $226 at various retailers (eg B&H Photo) but if you are comfortable with USED memory cards, Adorama has a few USED units in “Excellent Minus condition” going for $129 plus shipping. A price difference of almost $100 is certainly no small change πŸ™‚

As usual, used supplies are limited, so it may be gone by the time you are reading this…

Dracast LED500 Plus Series Bi-Color LED Light for $287

On the lighting front, B&H Photo is having a limited time offer (longer than a daily deal though) on the new condition Dracast LED500 Plus Series Bi-Color LED Light going for $287~ with free US shipping. No coupon, no rebate, just add to cart and proceed to purchase…

PS: speaking of B&H, if you are working from home and need related hardware and/or upgrades to existing equipment, B&H has launched a Work from Home portal

Amazon prioritizing deliveries during Corona Days

Amazon is prioritizing and reprioritizing deliveries and delivery dates based on the current CoronaVirus situation, with some items deemed lower priority and not high demand getting long shipment estimates even though they are in-stock and you may be a Prime member. The shipping estimate on the product page and in the shopping cart, especially when you are logged on to your Amazon account, should give you an idea what to expect, but of course we are in uncharted territory and things develop all the time, so keep that in mind…

More on this via Techmeme

Samyang 85mm f1.4 AutoFocus for $599 [Sony E] {ends Tue 10am ET}

Prime time at the latest Adorama daily deal (changes 10am ET daily), it is the new condition Samyang 85mm f1.4 Auto Focus lens for the Sony E system going for $599 with free US shipping. This is only available in the Sony E system and unlike the other mounts, this is an actual autofocus lens…

YMMV eBay Bucks: 5% (no minimum amount) [ends Wedn PM]

IF you are participating in the eBay rewards program {it’s free to join anytime}, AND you have been invited by eBay via email or their eBay messages to participate, and you have clicked to activate the promotion for your account {you must click to activate before you earn the bonus}, you have until Wedn 3/25/20 at 11:59pm to earn 5% on eligible purchases. This particular offer does not have a minimum purchase amount (hooray!)…

As usual, maximum rewards you can earn are $100 per transaction and $500 for the duration of this promotion. Terms, conditions and restrictions and exclusions apply as always…

For ideas on what to buy, check the latest eBay Deals and the latest Trending Deals

Monday (Free to Watch starting at 12pm ET): Pets and People Photography

The Monday 3/23/30 rotation of free-to-stream classes starting at 12pm eastern time at CreativeLIVE On-AIR is headlined by the “Pets and People Photography” class by Vicki Tauper, 42 lessons running 13.5 hours. Given the #CoronaSituation2020, CL is mixing in a variety of other interest in their daily freebies, and today we have making your own tote bag (can also be useful for DIY promotional material for your home studio/photography freelancing), songwriting, watercolors and ganache (or is it gouache) paints and “What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast” (spoiler alert: most of them have rich parents πŸ˜‰

Looking at the new schedule here are some other potentially interesting classes coming this week:

  • Tuesday: Animal Photography
  • Wednesday: Business of Fashion Photography, Build a successful blog, become a working artist, songwriting class
  • Thursday: Typography fundamentals, turn personal projects into a career
  • Friday: Wedding Photojournalism, Color for designers
  • Saturday: commercial fashion photography, color techniques for drawing, story telling techniques
  • Sunday: advanced Photoshop layer tips, color fundamentals, sound design 101, screen printing
  • Monday 3/30: Pricing, Pitching Clients
  • Tuesday 3/31: Start-n-Grow your Photography business, Illustrator CC, Art Journaling, Command the Fees you Deserve

Monday: 2pk 32GB Sandisk Ultra microSD for $11 after coupon

If you need 32GB microSD cards, or you have older devices that don’t work with higher capacities, good until Monday 3/23/20 at 11:59pm central time (or earlier if sold out) Woot is offering a new condition 2pk of 32GB Sandisk Ultra microSD cards (A1, U1, Class 10, up to 98MB/sec transfer read) for $11 after using coupon code SANDISK in their shopping cart. It comes out to $5.50 per 32GB card after the coupon. The price before the coupon is $16. They come with the Sandisk Limited Warranty. Limit one offer per customer.

PS: another use, if you have higher capacity memory cards in devices that end up not using them, you can swap out the higher capacity cards and put the 32GB cards in them. You may think you’re gonna fill up the tablet’s 128GB microSD card but when you look six months later, it uses up just 12GB πŸ™‚ Not that I’ve done this, this is purely an example for example purposes. Really! πŸ™‚

Monday: Rokinon 14mm f2.8 for $249 [C/E] or $269 [N w/AE]; Sony CFast 2.0, Adobe, Etc

Hooray, it’s LENS DAY at the Monday 3/23/20 B&H daily deals running until 11:59pm ET or earlier for any that manages to sellout ahead of the designated expiration time…

+ 2pk 64GB Sony CFAST 2.0 G series memory card and Card Reader for $200

+ Rokinon 14mm f2.8 IF ED UMC for $249 in Canon EF or Sony E manual focus and $269 for Nikon with AE chip
+ ED is Extra-low Dispersion (does not need blue pills to function)

+ Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 for $60 in your choice of DVD or digital download

+ Impact Panel Frame Reflector Kit – Zebra Gold / Zebra Silver (43 x 67″) for $200

+ Ruggard Electronics dry cabinets, 8 options, $70 to $1000
+ consult with your gurus whether these work for cigars and/or puerh teas πŸ™‚

+ Alesis Elevate 3 MKII – 20W 3″ Two-Way Active Desktop Studio Monitors (Pair) for $59
+ that’s a pretty good value per pound, they weigh 6.3 lbs (shipping weight 8.6 lbs) ~ if we were buying speakers like groceries πŸ™‚

Best Buy launches Curbside PickUp (and other social distancing measures)

If you would like to purchase or pickup something from your local Best Buy stores, starting today they have introduced Curbside Pickup. You have to select this option in the shopping cart (where available/possible). Once you receive an order confirmation with pickup instructions, go to the designated place (with photo-ID and credit-card of payment) and open your car’s trunk for contactless delivery πŸ™‚

As far as at home deliveries and installations, Best Buy employees will not enter your home no matter what. So installations and setups are being cancelled. Deliveries of items (even if heavy and hard to move) will be at your doorstep, not inside the house.

Patience is a virtue until all this is behind us…

… in the meantime, this is a great opportunity to start on all those resolution charts and lens calibration tests you had been postponing πŸ™‚

Zhiyun Crane V2 3-Axis Brushless Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for $326 [ends Mon 10am ET]

The latest Adorama Daily Deal (expires 10am ET Monday or earlier if sold out) is the new condition Zhiyun Crane V2 3-Axis Brushless Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer going for $326 with free US shipping…

And an update from Adorama’s shipping, the same-day shipping cut-off point for orders, whether they are regular or rush, will be 11:30am eastern time on Monday through Thursday and 10:30am ET on Friday.

REI Members: 20% off One Full Price and One Outlet Item

Outdoorsy photographers your time has come if you are a member of the REI Commune! A one-time $20 membership fee made you (or makes you if you sign up now) a lifetime member (no annual subscriptions, just a one-time fee!). And one of the perks of membership in the commune is discounts!

Coupon code MEMPERKS2020 until 4/6/20 gets you 20% off a single full price item [you won’t earn a dividend since it’s not full price], while the same coupon code gets you an additional 20% off on a single REI Outlet item (formerly REI Garage)…

Last but not least, you get 25% off on all REI branded products (except for bicycles). This one appears to be open to all, not just members. Expires 3/26/20…

Sunday (Free to Watch at 12pm ET): The Art of Wildlife Photography

The headliner of the free-to-watch online streaming classes at Creative LIVE On-AIR on Sunday 3/22/20 is the “The Art of Wildlife Photography” class by Tom Mangelsen. It has 24 lessons and runs for 10.5 hours.

The classes stream for 24 hours, so you can watch whenever it is convenient. Of course some may find it more helpful if they watch a class from start to end. Every day the new classes start at 9am pacific time. In the meantime, the classes from the previous day continue to stream. So in a way, if you wake up early or are in the eastern time zone, you can watch yesterday’s and today’s classes in marathon binge πŸ™‚

Sunday: Tamrac Nagano, SpiderPRO, Xcellon USB Hub, Vanguard VEO2, Etc

Every day is like Sunday during the Corona Days but we have some excitement, six new B&H daily deals good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier for any that sells out ahead of its designated time):

+ Tamrac Nagano 12L Camera Backpack for $50 in two color options

+ SpiderPro Hand Strap for $29

+ XCeLLon 7-Port USB 3.0 HubΒ² with Intelligent Charging for $30
+ five data ports, two charging ports, full size Type A all
+ NOTE: the 2 superscript appears to be part of the model name? Not sure πŸ™‚ Just like the final “s”, these type of potentially confusing things are best avoided in product names πŸ™‚

+ JarvisMobile Dual-Port USB Type-C PD + QC 3.0 Wall & Car Charger Kit for $20

+ also NetGear router and AKG wireless mic set ~ both with automatic add-to-cart discounts

MEANWHILE at the Adorama Daily Deal (changes daily 10am ET) they are offering the new condition Vanguard VEO 2 235CB 5-Section Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod for $110 with free US shippings…

UPDATE: reading is fun-da-mental at the Amazon Gold Box where the headliner deal of the day is a sale on 98 Kindle eBooks from a various of genres, fiction and non-fiction…

At the Best Buy dailies, there’s a refurbished Epson Workforce ES-50 sheetfed [memo to self: be careful with typos here!] scanner going for $70… and a 27″ Acer Predator XB272 LED G-Sync FHD computer monitor going for $350. Pretty soon, all communication will happen with TLAs! (Three Letter Acronyms]…

Pre-order the new iPad PROs and the new Magically Magical and Amazingly Wonderful Keyboards

Leave it to Apple to launch a tablet keyboard that costs more than most non-Apple tablets in the market today. If that hasn’t scared you away, keep on reading πŸ™‚

Apple has just revealed the new generation of iPad PROs along with new MacBook Airs and Mac Minis! But the star of the show are the Magic Keyboards. They are really magic. The iPad levitate on the keyboard platform (well, except for the part of the iPad that is actually attached to the keyboard platform). The Magic Keyboard for the 11-inch goes for $299, while the Magic for the 12.9-inch goes for $349. iOS updates are coming for some of the older iPad PROs to be able to use this new magically magical and amazingly wonderful device πŸ™‚

The new iPad PROs are available for pre-ordering at B&H Photo with the 11-inch starting at $799 (128GB) an the 12.9-inch starting at $999 (128GB). The storage jump from 128GB to 256GB is +$100, but the other two jumps (256 to 512, 512 to 1TB) are +$200 each, with the 1TB options being +$500 of the base option for each screen size. The LTE options is +$150. Finally the days of the 16GB and 32GB and 64GB are over πŸ™‚

Did I mention these new iPad PROs use USB-C? At Last, At Last, At Last πŸ™‚

Fuji GFX50R Medium Format Body Only for $3500 [or $2800 USED]

If you are tempted by the Fuji medium format mirrorless system or you want another camera body to add to your arsenal, B&H Photo is offering the new condition Fuji GFX50R Medium Format Body Only for $3500 with free US shipping…

Or if you prefer to go the way of THE USED [no, not the whiny emo music group], you can get it in USED – Condition 9 for $2800…

In-Stock NOW: Google Pixel 3a for $299, 3a XL for $379

Per the Deals Fairness Doctrine (TM), since we’ve been posting iOS/Apple deals left and right, we must needs post something Android as well, and as fate would have it, Google’s brand new Pixel 3a models are now in-stock and shipping at B&H Photo! The Pixel 3a standard model goes for $299 while the XL model goes for $379.

Unlike the iPhones, the only option here is on the body color. The “3a” has a modest 5.6″ 18.5:9 OLED with Snapdragon 670, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, Bluetooth 5.0, Android 9 and *GASP* a headphone jack πŸ™‚ The “3a XL” [they really need to work on the naming-numbering scheme] has a 6-inch screen. Free unlimited storage on Google Photos is included along with three years of OS and security updates.

UPDATE: per the “Post Saving Doctrine”, to save up on having an additional short post, B&H is also having a sale on various computer monitors as more and more people are working from home and may need more or better monitors…

The silver lining of the Corona-mandated “work from home” is an opportunity for many companies and individuals and cities and states to study work from home ideas and programs to further reduce traffic and congestion in places where it’s impossible not to be in a traffic jam always and forever and ever!

13.3″ MacBook Air (mid 2019) for $899 [128GB] or $999 [256GB]

If the barrage of new Apple products (the Early 2020 Generation) does not tempt you, B&H Photo is having a sale on the mid-2019 13.3″ MacBook Airs. The 128GB version goes for $899 while the 256GB version goes for $999. These are 13.3″ 2560 x 1600 Retina IPS Display with 8th generation Core i5 dual cores…

But if you are tempted by the new 2020 13-inch MacBook Air models, B&H Photo is accepting pre-orders for the early 2020 model starting at $999 (i3, 8GB RAM, 256GB)…

And if you are a Mac Mini aficionado, they are accepting pre-orders on the early 2020 models starting at $799 (i3 Quad, 8GB, 256GB)…

72-Hour NewEgg sale

If you are trying to make a digital omelette, it is time to get some new eggs! NewEgg is having a 72 Hour Sale with their usual assortment of technology products. The sale ends on Friday at 11:50pm pacific. Items that have promo code offers mention so on the individual product pages and require an email in order to use the promo code.

Not sure why this practice, because you have to use an email anyone if you are going to buy them product. But what do I know? πŸ™‚

B&H Launches Work from Home Hub

With the CoronaViri shutting many of us inside drinking Coronas Working From Home, B&H Photo has launched a Work From Home hub featuring a variety of products you may need to make your home-office more productive or at least usable πŸ™‚ While the physical B&H store is closed for customers, B&H is available through Live Chat, E-Mail and Telephones to answer any and all of your (reasonable) questions on what you’d need for a pleasant stay at La Maison Office πŸ™‚

FREE to Watch: Wellness and Health Classes from C-LIVE

To help us all cope with the current Corona-Not-The-Beer situation, CreativeLIVE has put together a dozen Health and Wellness classes that are free to stream 24 hours a day throughout the Corona Crisis 2020. Six are wellness (stress, happiness, meditation, etc), six are health related (yoga, etc).

Continuing as usual are the free to watch ON-AIR schedule classes at CreativeLive, with all kinds of subjects, an opportunity to pick up a new hobby or rekindle an old one (crafts, music, design, arts, etc) in addition to photography and such…

And on the FREEbies front, good until 3/20/20 at 11:59pm ET, giving them your email can get you the full-size scifi ebook “RedShirts” by John Scalzi (not a sampler, you get all 300-some pages of it {yes, RedShirts, that’s the Star Trek term}) from the Torbooks website. This is without DRM, and you can download in ePUB (for many devices and apps) and/or .mobi (for Amazon devices). If you are of the ePUB persuasion, since it is DRM-free, you don’t have to use Adobe’s vile ebook DRM abomination πŸ™‚

Rotolight Anova PRO 2 BiC, Celestron, RucPac, Etc (ends Sat PM)

And here we are again, a new round of B&H daily deals, as usual on Fridays good until 11:59pm ET on Saturday (but orders not accepted Fri PM to Sat PM {check their website for exact times}):

+ RotoLight Anova Pro 2 Bi-Color Standard LED Light for $800

+ PapaGO GoSafe 220 Dash Camera for $40

+ RucPac Professional Tech Headlamp for $25

+ XerOX B205 Multifunction Printer for $125

+ flash deal: CelesTron AstroMaster 70AZ 70mm f/13 Alt-Az Refractor Telescope, Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Bundle for $90; because the real stars are in the sky, not on the television πŸ˜‰

Of the Best Buy dailies, somewhere in the middle of the Friday lot, they have the GOPRO Karma (not Chameleon) Grip stabilizer for $150 with free US shipping and store pickup/etc…

At the Friday Woot website they have refurbished former flagship Android smartphones starting at $60 in “Electronics”, and a $100 refurb 11.6″ HP Chromebook in “Computers”…

And at the Adorama dailies (changes 10am ET daily) you get the new condition Pelican 95QT Elite Cooler for $515. This is bear-certified, though not certified against stock market bears πŸ˜‰

And if you are a Prime Member, for a limited time, you can get the new condition 2019 model year Fire TV Stick for $23 instead of its non-Prime-member price of $35…

Thursday: Pelican, Velbon Sherpa Tripods w/BH, ZOOM H4n PRO, TorchLED, Etc

Thursday is here with a new set of B&H daily deals until 11:59pm ET (or earlier for anything that sells-out ahead of its designated expiration). We also have the return of the flash deals…

+ CoreSWX TorchLED Bolt 250W On-Camera Light for $149
+ with additional battery and charger for $189

+ Pelican IM Storm Case, without foam, two options, $100 to $120
+ actual pelicans (the birds) NOT included πŸ™‚

+ Velbon Sherpa Aluminum Tripods with Ball Head, three options, $40 to $60

+ ZOOM H4n Pro 4-Input / 4-Track Portable Handy Recorder with Onboard X/Y Mic Capsule for $170

+ flash deal: ZOOM Venture 30 Power Pack and Nomad 7 Plus Solar Kit for $130
+ no teaser (as of time of writing) for next flash deal

Meanwhile the Adorama daily deal (changes Thur 10am ET) is the Litra LitraTorch 2.0 Filter Set Limited Edition going for $95 with free US shipping…

10% off many Cameras and Lenses, 20% off Accessories with KEH Camera Coupon [ends Friday PM]

Good until Friday 3/20/20 at 11:59pm ET, KEH Camera is having a new promotion! Coupon code SALE3A gets you a discount depending on the product category, as determined by their shopping cart (which you can test without login/signup):

+ 10% off Cameras and Lenses

+ 20% off Accessories

+ EXCLUDED are NEW and “Used – Like New” products
+ EXCLUDED are Leica, Fuji X, Sony E branded products
+ EXCLUDED are Digital Starter Kits, Breakthrough Photography, Camera Film, Extended Warranties, Memory Cards, Lenses & Converters.

Wedn: Digipower Refuel Camera Battery sale (16 options)

For Wednesday 3/20/20, one of the Best Buy deals du jour is a sale on DigiPower ReFuel digital camera batteries. A total of 16 options are available with compatible batteries for various Canon and Nikon and Sony and GoPRO…

Wedn: Elvid 5″ TouchScreen, Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab, Etc

Wednesday is here with a new set of B&H daily deals good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier for any of them that may manage to sellout ahead of its designated expiration time):

+ ElVid 5″ RigVision HDR On-Camera Touchscreen Monitor for $199

+ Zhiyun CRANE 3 LAB Handheld Stabilizer or $399

+ Impact 5-in-1 Collapsible Oval Reflector with Solid Gold (42×72″) for $50

+ Xcellon USB 3.0 Type-C Mini Docking Station for $30

+ TP-Link ARCHER C8 Dual Band WirelessAC1750 Gigabit Router for $40

Meanwhile the current Adorama daily deal (changes Wedn 10am ET) is the new condition Bushnell 8x42mm H2O Water Proof Roof Prism Binocular for $60 with free US shipping….

+ AMX ACV-5100 Acendo Vibe Conferencing Soundbar with Camera for $199 in two color options

Tuesday: Fire HD 8 Tablet starting at $50

Another Corona-inspired offer, if you and friends and family and kids and roommates are locked in, the more tablets the merrier appears to be the thinking in the Amazon Gold Box headliner deal of the day for Tuesday 3/17/20, it is the new condition Fire HD 8 tablet going for $50 with free US shipping. This is the base model (16GB storage, With Offers). A +$20 gets you from the 16GB to the 32GB model, and a +$15 removes the Special Offers. They are available in four color options, a great way to color-code the tablets of people living in the same house for ease of recognition [“it’s my tablet, MINE! not yours!!!!”] πŸ™‚

Note that these have microSD slots that can take up to 400GB cards, so the storage limitation of the on-board memory is only if you have any apps that refuse to use the microSD card…

Corona DownTime Idea: Watch the FREE CreativeLIVE ON-AIR classes

If the Corona-Virus kerfuffle has given you new unexpected downtime, one way to productively spend it (instead of watching the never-ending screeching drama of the national and local news) is to learn and read! Time to learn or rekindle a music instrument, make progress on your book shelf or digital bookshelf, or learn new skills. Or you can watch the various free-to-watch CreativeLIVE ON-AIR classes.

Each day has a list of about half a dozen classes you can watch for free during the 24 hour calendar day window. You can watch any and all, these repeat over and over during the 24 hour window. Better yet, there’s a schedule of the upcoming classes, so you can plan ahead if you see topics of interest. About half of them are photography-n-video related, the rest are general creative classes (business, marketing, etc), along with other creative endeavors (music, arts and crafts, etc)…

For example, the schedule below is for Wednesday 3/18/20…

CreativeLIVE Annual Pass for $149 (includes recently launched “Fast Classes”)

If you prefer Netflix-style learnings instead of digital-ownership of individual classes, CreativeLIVE is currently offering the first year of their 1-Year Creator Pass for $149. No coupon needed. The price you see is the price you pay. These includes almost all of the current and future classes in their system. The exceptions are classes that are excluded by contractual agreement with select instructors…

OR if you only need to watch a small number of classes in a short period of time (eg CoronaVirus downtime) they offer a monthly subscription as well, but if you need more than a couple of months, then the annual pass wins on bang for the educational buck…

A “Fast Class” is a video class TL;DR. It is a highlight reel of some of their existing classes so you can and learn in bite-size fashion. For example, a 10-hour class becomes a 1-hour summary video. This is a relatively new feature with more of them getting added. This is the list of current Fast Class classes. These cannot be purchased individually, you can only watch them if you have the Creator Pass (Netflix-style subscription). You can always purchase the full version of the class, so you are not missing any new content ~ you are just not getting the condensed milk version of the class πŸ™‚

Tuesday: Sandisk and WD sale (32 options)

The headliner of the Best Buy daily deals for Tuesday 3/17/20 is a sale on the Sandisk and WD storage with 32 options that include Extreme and Ultra SD and microSD cards, external HDD and SSD hard drives, along with internal drives, and various USB flash drives…

Tuesday: Inovatic, Bescor, Watson, ASUS 25″, Vello LCD Protectors (35 options), Etc

Six is the magic number for the Tuesday 3/17/20 B&H daily deals good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Inovatic Pro Monitor Mount for $149

+ ASUS Designo MX25AQ 25″ Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Monitor for $199
+ AH-IPS Technology HDMI, / DisplayPort 1.2 Inputs, 2560 x 1440, ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio, Etc

+ NetGear R6120 AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Router with EX6110 Wi-Fi Range Extender for $69

+ Vello LCD protectors (35 options)

+ Watson Pro 14.4V 95Wh Slim Li-Ion 2-Battery Kit with Dual Charger, two options, $370 to $420

+ Bescor FM256 Flexible Bi-Color LED Light Mat with Swivel Ball Mount and Battery for $189

Meanwhile the Adorama daily deal (changes 10am ET) is the new condition Marantz PMD-750 Camera-Mount Digital Wireless System with Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic for $150 with free US shipping…

Monday: 400GB Sandisk microSDXC for $53, Galaxy Note 9 for $600

Two potentially interesting deals in the Amazon USA Gold Bawx for Monday 3/16/2020 until 11:59pm pacifica time (or earlier for any that gets sold out):

+ 400GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC for $53

+ Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for $600 (128GB) or $750 (512GB)
+ factory unlocked, USA warranty, sold and shipped by Amazon herself

10% off refurbished Canon Cameras and Lenses (113 options)

Canon fans, unite and take over! The official Canon USA store is having a 10% off refurbished gear sale on cameras and lenses. The price you see is the price you pay. The sale price is thrown over there. As usual, they come with a 1-year Canon USA refurbished warranty.

The refurbished sale includes 31 interchangeable lens cameras (EF, EF-S, EF-M and R) and 15 Powershots (make every shot a powershot?) and 67 Canon lenses (EF, EF-S, etc) and a trio of camcorders.

12 Classes for $12 each at C-LIVE

And after buying all that gear, now time for some learnings! Good for a limited time only, CreativeLIVE is offering 12 classes for $12 each with topics including posing, beginners, Lightroom Classic CC, Astro-Landscape, podcasting, video, food photography, videos, and more…

Monday: 256GB Sandisk Extreme PRO CFexpress Type B, refurb Nikon Bino, Manfrotto Nitro, Dell 15.6″, Etc

CoronaMonday is here and with it we a new quartet of B&H daily deals good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Sandisk 256GB Extreme PRO CFexpress Card Type B for $350 after in-cart coupon

+ Manfrotto 612 Nitrotech Fluid Video Head and Aluminum Twin Leg Tripod with Ground Spreader for $700

+ refurbished Nikon 8×42 ProStaff 5 Binoculars for $90

+ DELL 15.6″ Inspiron 15 Multi-Touch Laptop for $330
+ 2.2GHz Core i3-8130U dual, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 1920 x 1080 Touchscreen,Intel UHD Graphics 620, etc
+ with FREE 1-year BitDefender 5-device license

Meanwhile the current Adorama daily deal (changes at 10am ET) is the new condition Thinkware F800 Pro 1080p HD Dash Cam for $175…

Speaking of which, for a limited time, Audible is offering for FREE (Buy for $0.00) the James Taylor Original “Break Shot: My First 21 Years”…

Outdoor Photographer print magazine for $4.50 per year

The latest DiscountMag sale includes the following camera-n-photo related print magazine 1-yr subscriptions delivered to US addresses:

+ Outdoor Photographer for $4.50
+ Videomaker for $6.63
+ Digital Photo PRO for $7.72

Sunday: GoPRO Fusion 360 with Extra Charger and Extra Batteries for $200

Among the Best Buy dailies you will find the GoPRO Fusion 360-degree camera with a free charger (with battery) along with an additional battery. These are GoPRO-branded. In total the freebies are one GoPro charger and two GoPro batteries (in additional to whatever comes standard in the GoPRO Fusion box)…

Also at Best Buy, there’s a 6pk of Insignia CR-2032 batteries for $7 but if you have an IKEA near you, you may find them for significantly less… Also there, they have the 64GB PNY Attach USB 2.0 flash drive for $8. That’s 8GB per $1.

Then off to the Adorama daily deal where they have Polar Pro Cinema Series Circular Polarizer Filter for DJI Osmo going for $20 [offer changes at 10am ET daily]…

And if you are fond of reading e-books, there over 150 Kindle daily deals for Sunday 3/15/20 with almost something for everyone…

And if you are a fan of Samsung, various Samsung TVs and computer monitors can be found at a couple of the sub-Woots at the Woot website

Sunday: Venus Lowa 15mm f4 MACRO for $349 [C/N/K/A], Etc

Sunday is here with a new set of B&H daily deals and lo-n-bee-hold (because we need all the bees!) it is a LENS DAY, good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Venus Laowa 15mm f/4 Macro Lens for $349 in your choice of Canon EF, Nikon F, Pentax K and Sony A; an old school SLR-only lens

+ Porta Brace hard cases, two options, $60 to $100

+ also combo powerbank and xenon flashlights