New twist: Prime Members get 30 minute Early Access to some (but not all) Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon revealed a new twist today, a new feature for Prime members. For some of the items in the traditional Gold Box Lightning Deals, Amazon Prime members will get access to them 30 minutes before the general population does. It’s easier to explain with an example, look at the annotated screenshot crop of the Ape camera case below (click on the picture or open in new tab/window to see it at full size)…


As you can see, the Ape case has the “Prime Early Access Deal” line. Only Lightning Deals that show this line are going to be available to Prime members for 30 minutes early. All the other items will go live at the same time for everybody. Here is an annotated screenshot example below of Upcoming Lightning Deals, some are Prime Early Access, some are not (click on the picture or open in new tab/window to see it at full size)…



  1. S.W. Anderson says

    Great! This means I won’t need sharp elbows to be able to snare that sixth or seventh tripod to add to my collection, that snazzy chartreuse satin camo $89 gadget bag, or to finally spring for that home portrait studio setup I have no space for when not in use. 🙂

    • LOL! That pretty much summarizes the “regular rotation” of the recent lightning deals! Those could make some interesting stock photography photos organized together as “equipment art”!

      I wonder if they will do the Prime Early Access thing with many doorbusters during the holidays, because they could be gone by the time the non-Prime members get there, and that could create unhappy customers.

      • S.W. Anderson says

        The potential for cries of foul are undoubtedly why Amazon is limiting this Prime benefit to some but not all items.

        • yeah! this could backfire on them, especially during the black friday and holiday shopping rush where people are more stressed out and impatient and such.