Lightroom now FREE on Google Play (no sign-up, no subscription)

Adobe was rather late to the mobile photography app party, so now they have to be more aggressive to recapture lost ground. Which perhaps explains their latest move, Lightroom is now free for all to use on Google Play. You don’t need an Adobe ID, you don’t need a subscription. Just install it on your device and start using it locally.

I played with it for a few minutes. On an 8-inch Android tablet, the screen feels rather small for the UI, readability is not ideal, and in general it has more of a downsized desktop app feel to it. But it’s free and it works! It will probably feel a lot better on 10+ inch tablets. Perhaps a new excuse for photographers to buy the new Google Pixel C Android 2-in-1 creature? Or that 18-inch Samsung Galaxy Viewstrocity?

If you want to sync with your desktop, then an Adobe ID and subscription is needed. They are not giving everything away 🙂