(SOLD OUT) In-Stock Now: Nikon D850 Filmmaker’s Kit for $5500

As of a recheck, B&H Photo does not have these in-stock… For future updates, check the Stock Tracker

Good news for people who like in-stock news with today’s update of the Stock Tracker! The official Nikon D850 Filmmaker’s kit is now in-stock for its starting price of $5500 with free shipping at B&H Photo! This official kit comes with the camera along with three Nikon f1.8G prime lenses, an Atomos monitor, extra battery, and microphones.

If you only want the camera, you can always sell/trade the remaining items. The items individually sell for more than the bundle. The camera goes for $3300 on its own. The three prime lenses go for $800 and $527 and $477 [that’s around $1800 for the lenses]. The Atomos goes for $800 on its own, The mic go for $134 and $199, and the extra battery goes for $60. That’s $6300 total versus paying $5500 for the bundle.

To make sure I did not imagine it, here’s a screenshot of the B&H listing 🙂