In-stock Nao: 5.5″ flagship ASUS ZenFone 2 for $300 (unlocked, 4G RAM)

If you are the early adopter type and are looking for a new budget-flagship unlocked Android smartphone without a contract and no commitments to a carrier, the 5.5 inch ASUS Zenfone 2 is now available as a North American product from ASUS, and it is in-stock and ready to ship for $300 at Amazon in either the silver color scheme or red color scheme. It has a 13mp f2 camera, 4GB of RAM (I think the first, or one of the first), 64-bit Intel Atom processor, 64GB storage, microSD (up to 64GB), 1920×1080 Gorilla Glass 3 IPS display, Android 5.0, dual SIM (of interest to traveling photographers), compatible with GSM networks (4G LTE), 60% charge in 39 minutes, etc.

UPDATE: it is also shipping from Groupon Goods which is celebrating this launch with an ASUS Technology Sale Event (over 50 items included).

NOTE: if you are searching at Amazon, there are a lot of international/imported models listed there as well.

If you are curious about it, B&H Photo will have a live-streaming panel talking about it on Tuesday 5/19/15 at 1pm eastern. In the meantime, there is a technical preview at Anandtech (with benchmarks and such) and a review with camera samples at Tom’s Guide.