In-Stock Alert: Nikon Z8 starting at $4000

IF the Nikon Z8 is the mirror-nyet full-frame camera the one you want, you are in luck because it is now in-stock and ready to ship at Adorama and by various thru Amazon and at B&H Photo.

Some of the third-party accessories (SmallRig cages, 3Legged bracket, Ikelite underwater) are still in pre-order status.

The body only goes for $4000, the FTZ adapter can be added for +$150 to any kit, while the “take pictures with” kit with the 24-120mm f4 lens goes for $4900. Sadly there’s no 18-55 kit lens option ~ yes, you can be that ironic hipster photographer who carries a $4000 full-frame camera with a $100 18-55 DX non-VR lens attached to it 🙂

Optionally you can click on the “Build a Bundle” buttons at Ado and B&H for “combined purchase discounts” with other lenses and such.