Stackable CreativeLIVE offer: $5 off coupon and 60% off sitewide

CreativeLIVE’s Cyber Monday offer is stackable. They are offering 60% off site-wide (factored in the website prices automatically) but you can stack this offer with $5 off coupon code CYBERMON. No minimum purchase required so the lower the price of a class, the more percentage-impact the $5 off coupon code has…

12 classes for $12 each [C-LIVE]

Creative LIVE is back with another limited time offer, this time around it is 12 classes for $12 each. Topics include table-top (not tablet-top) photography, studio lighting, commercial photography, videography, composite, fine-art, business stuff, etc. The price you see is the price you pay ~ no coupon needed…

70% off site-wide at CreativeLIVE

The time is right for photographic learnings! CreativeLIVE has launched a limited time promotion, 70% off site-wide at their website. The price you see is the price you pay, there’s no coupon code to enter. The promotion is scheduled to end at around 3pm ET on actual Black Friday, so don’t sleep on it!

On the other hand, if you prefer a Netflix-style subscription instead of digital ownership, they have a sale for you too, they are offering the first year (365 days) of their prepaid 1-Year Annual Pass for $150. No coupon needed for this promotion ~ the sale price is reflected on their website. Do note that some classes are excluded from this promotion due to prior agreements with instructors. But new classes added will be included (unless, again, they are covered by agreements)

Top 40 CreativeLIVE classes for $9 to $29 each

If you prefer digital ownership instead of membership/Netflix-style subscription, CreativeLIVE is having another pre-Black-Friday sale, their top 40 classes are on sale from $9 to $29 each. All kinds and levels of photography-related classes are offered during this promotion. No coupon needed, the price you see is the price you pay…

Portraiture classes starting at $14 at CL

IF you are interested in all things portraiture, you are in luck because Creative LIVE is running a limited time sale on Portraiture related classes with prices starting at $14 per class. Prices vary by class. No coupon needed ~ the price you see is the price you pay.

Topics include posing (101, curvy women, etc), a Master of Photography with Albert Watson, environmental portraiture, lighting, story telling in portraits, fine art, sports, experimental, and mo(i)re…

Advanced Photo Classes for $12 to $19 each at CL

Black Friday is here a week early at CreativeLIVE with a sale on Advanced Photography classes with prices ranging from $12 to $19 per class while this promotion is running. No coupon, no rebate, just add to cart and proceed to checkout…

Among them:

+ Lighting, Portraiture, Retouching, Photoshop
+ Color Correction, Masks, Content Aware, Restoration, Layers
+ RAW, Lightroom, Premiere, Color Toning, etc

Business and Life Classes for Creatives for under $39

Creating art and then getting your art in front of people, whether it is for professional, career, for-profit or for-appreciation is a whole different story. Some creatives may have the instinct for both, but many need to brush up. For the latter, there’s plenty of Business for Creatives classes currently on sale at CreativeLIVE with prices going up to $39 per class.

Topics include social media, branding, personal development, life skills, podcasting, money matters, motivation, public speaking and a whole lot more!

Lighting classes sale at CreativeLIVE, $12 to $29 (27 options)

Photography would have been a lot easier if we always had ideal lighting situations, but we don’t! So we must needs keep on learning and adjusting to the lighting situation. One way to learn is this limited time Lighting sale at CreativeLIVE, that is, a sale on classes that talk about photographic lighting, not lightning deals 🙂 Sale prices range from $12 to $29 and cover all kinds of lighting-related topics, even “crappy lighting”. Teachers include Lindsay Adler, Peter Hurley, Zack Arias, SLR Lounge, Joe McNally and many more! A total of 27 options are on sale. No coupon needed but it is a limited time sale…

$50 off each one of select Masters of Photography Bundles with CL coupon

Creative LIVE is back with a limited time COUPON promotion. Using coupon code MOP50 until 11/16/19 at 11:59pm, you can get $50 off each one of the three Masters of Photography Bundles. If you buy one, you get $50 off, if you buy two, you get $100 off, if you get all three, you get $150 off. In other words, $50 off each.

The bundles are of the following photographers: Steve McCurry, Albert Watson and Joel Meyerowitz. Clicking on each over there shows more details about the classes…

12 classes for $12 each [C-LIVE]

For a limited time only, Creative LIVE is offering 12 classes for $12 each. Topics include nature photography (with Art Wolfe), boudoir, wedding, compositions, your first flash, voluminous sporty-spice photography, retouching/CC, etc.

No coupon code is needed ~ the price you see is the price you pay while this limited-time promotion is running over there…

All Lindsay Adler classes from $12 to $29 each [C-LIVE]

Lindsay Adler fans, unite and take over! For a limited time, Creative LIVE is having a sale on All Lindsay Adler classes ranging from $12 to $29 each. A total of 37 classes are available with a variety of topics including light and lighting, portraiture, retouching, posing, fashion, skin tones and lots more! The price you see is the price you pay. When the sale ends, the prices will automatically adjust on their website…

40% off everything with CL coupon

For a limited time only, coupon code EXTRA40 gets you 40% off everything at the CreativeLIVE website. This includes the monthly and yearly subscriptions along with the many and more classes they be offerin’ for sale…

12 classes for $12 each at CreativeLIVE including Art Wolfe

CreativeLIVE is back with another limited time offer, this one is 12 classes for $12 each, that’s almost the price of a fully loaded frappuccino these days 😉 Topics include:

+ wedding photography
+ how to shoot with your first flash
+ art of nature photography with Art Wolfe
+ volume sports photography
+ home studio, video for photographers
+ lightroom CC, photochop
+ portraiture, boudoir

CreativeLIVE coupon: 60% off a single class

For a limited time, coupon code CLASS60 gets you 60% off one class offered at Creative LIVE. This is an opportunity to get a class that rarely goes on sale or one you need right away and don’t want to wait for future sales, bundles and promotions…

12 Classes for $29 each at CreativeLIVE

CreativeLIVE is back with another limited time offer, !2 clases for $29 each. Topics include newborn, fine-art, the Photoshop CC bootcamp, outdoor, posing, wildlife and more!

Speaking of limited time things, I am live-tweeting the Google Pixel 4 announcement because why not? 🙂 You can watch Google’s own live-stream along with various “streams with commentary” on The YouTube

If you want “spoilers”, check the various tech websites for all the leakage…

Sunday: Genustech Eclipse ND Fader Filter for $70, Etc

Sunday is here and with it we have four more B&H dailies running until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if any of them manages to sell out individually):

+ GENUSTECH Eclipse ND Fader Filter: 77mm or 82mm for $70 each

+ Grand View PT-UW050VWM4B U-Work 30 x 40″ Table-Top Projection Screen for $70

+ Pelican 2430 MityLite Xenon Flashlight for $10

+ American DJ Mega Flat Pak 8 Plus – 8x Mega Par Profile Plus LED Pars, 7x DMX Cable, & Bag for $500

1st Year of Prepaid CreativeLIVE Netflix-style Plan for $150

It feels like a CreativeLIVE day with all these offers. This offer is if you are a fan of the Netflix-style consumption. If instead of purchasing classes individually you prefer to pay for a subscription to almost the whole library (without any digital ownership after the subscription expires), then you have until the end of September 2019 to use coupon code 150VIPGIFT to drop the price of the first year of the Creator Pass subscription to $149.

For that you can watch almost all current and future classes as many times as you want as long as you are a paying member. There are however some exceptions ~ some classes because of prior agreements are not eligible to join the streaming package.

On the other hand, if you don’t have time to watch their whole library and prefer to catch some classes whenever you can find a small window of time, they also have the free-to-stream classes at their ON-AIR schedule

CreativeLIVE: 16 bundles for $49 per bundle

It’s bundle up time once again at Creative LIVE, they are offering 16 bundles of classes for $49 per bundle. Topics include food photography, lighting, outdoor, compositing, DIY, headshots, weddings, night photography, portraiture, etc. There’s also bundles centered around specific photographers such as Sue Bryce and Ben Willmore.

60% off Adobe classes at CreativeLIVE

If you are interested in Adobe-related classes, for a limited time only, CreativeLIVE is running a 60% off Adobe sale. The price you see is the price you pay while this promotion is running. No coupon needed. Topics include the “Photoshop CC Complete Guide”, retouching, workflow, Lightroom, post-processing, histogram, digital printing, Photoshop of course, Premiere PRO and loads more!

18 best-selling classes for $29 each [CL]

If you are a fan of the CreativeLIVE way of teaching, for a limited time only, they have a 18 best-selling classes sale for $29 per class. The price you see is the price you pay…

Topics include Lightroom, Lighting, Story-telling in portraiture, retouching, docs, “art of seeing”, business/marketing, drone photography, and more…

50% off site wide at Creative LIVE

It’s the return of the site-wide sale at Creative LIVE, it is a 50% off sale on the standard/list prices of the classes. The price you see is the price you pay during this promotion. There is no coupon code to enter. The strikethrough price is the one that is cut by 50% off. This is a limited time offer but I do not know when it expires…

18 classes for $18 each at CreativeLIVE

Another limited time offer is running at Creative LIVE, this time the offer is 18 classes for $18 each. No coupon code needed ~ the price you see is the price you pay during the offer period. Topics include posing, high volume, fine art portraiture, retouching, business, marketing, video-related, headshots, and more…

Photography Bundles for $49 per CL bundle [16 options]

Creative LIVE is back with another offer, this time it is a sale of Photography Bundles. You have 16 options to select from, 16 different bundles of photography classes grouped together by topic or photographer. The number of classes in each bundle varies.

Topics include lighting, food photography, Adobe, compositing [not to be confused with composting], headshots, night photography, weddings [of course], architecture, portraiture, etc.

Photographer-centric bundles include Sue Bryce, Ben Willmore, Nigel Baker and more.

This is a limited time sale. The price you see is the price you pay. There’s no coupon code for the offer. When the sale ends, the prices will increase/adjust accordingly.

15 classes for $19 each flash sale at C-LIVE

For a limited time, CreativeLIVE is running another flash sale, 15 classes for $19 each. The price you see is the price you pay, no coupons needed. Topics include various lighting topics (including “crappy light”), DSLR film-making, Lightroom CC, challenging features, long exposure, lens selection, newborns,

12 classes for $20 each at CreativeLIVE

This is part of their rotating promotions not a Labor Day only sale, Creative LIVE is offering 12 classes for $20 each with topics such as flower photography, animal photography, travel, landscape, DIY fashion/editorial, birds, posing, lighting, etc…

Labor Day only: 60% off site-wide at CreativeLIVE

Happy Labor Day from CreativeLive as they are offering a 60% off sale site-wide on their classes. The price you see is the price you pay. No coupon needed. When the sale ends, the prices will go up. For example, a $199 class (the first one you see, “Fundamentals of Photography”) is now a $79 class thanks to the 60% off discount (or easier math to do 40% off on the original price instead of doing a multiplication (by 0.6) and a subtraction (from the full price).

This sale is great for classes that are rarely discounted or don’t get featured in the rotating free-to-watch-while-streaming classes at the ON-AIR schedule

Labor Day sales at CreativeLIVE too – 60% off Everything

CreativeLIVE couldn’t stay out of the “Labor Day sales” party and they have launched their early as well, it is a 60% off site-wide sale on everything. The price you see is the sale price, there’s no coupon code to enter. When the sale ends, the prices will adjust upwards. You can easily tell from the numbers, for example a sale price of $79 on a standard price of $199 class is a 60% off sale (or for faster math, 40% of the original price).

19 Classes for $19 each at Creative LIVE

Creative LIVE is back with another limited time sale, it is another variation of their 19 classes for $19 each sale that includes Ben Willmore’s “Think Like A Photographer”, along with classes on travel photography, tabletop, senior (HS), weddings, babies, pets, Etsy and more!

Separately, in a different sale, they are offering 50% off their Top 50 classes that covers all of the above topics and many more…

The sale prices are factored in automatically at their website while this promotion is running. When the sale is over, the prices will increase / return to their typical levels until/unless another sale begins. There’s no coupon code for these two aforementioned sales…

12 classes for $19 each at C-LIVE

Creative LIVE is back yet another time with another promotion, this time around they are offering 12 classes for $19 each. The price you see is the price you pay, there’s no coupon code or “add to cart” gymnastics for this offer.

Classes include the “Wedding Photography Bootcamp” for $19 (obviously since this is a $19 per class sale), understanding skin as a photographer, “the art of seeing” (Frans Lanting), Glamour, Composite, Posing, street photography, surviving commercial photography, and more…

18 classes for $18 each at CreativeLIVE [limited time]

Speaking of limited time sales, Creative LIVE too is back with another offering, the theme this time around is 18 classes for $18 each… Topics including wedding photo-journalism, Lightroom CC, composite photography, posing and lighting, nature photography, boudoir, experimental, social media and of course the money-maker, business and marketing classes for creatives…

Top 10 Classes for $20 each at CL [and up to 60% off site-wide]

We have another limited time offer running as of the time of writing at Creative LIVE, they are offering their Top 10 Classes for $20 each. Topics include bird photography, portraiture, Lightroom CC, creating Art through Photography, making short docs, starting a photography business, and more…

At the same time, they are having a near site-wide sale of up to 60% off, with the following “trending” class offers:

+ “Fundamentals of Photography” for $79 with John Greengo (the guy who teaches many of the camera tutorial classes)
+ seven of the 107 lessons are available to preview-stream without buying it

+ “Lightroom Classic CC” with Ben Willmore for $49

+ Fine Art Compositing” with Brooke Shaden for $59

+ “Photoshop CC the Complete Guide” with Ben Willmore for $49

+ and a whole lot more since it is a near-site-wide sale…

25 Best Selling Classes for $19 each [CL]

For a limited time, CreativeLIVE is running a Best Sellers sale. 25 classes are on sale for $19 each. Topics include retouching, lighting, fine art, portraits, natural light, filters, and more!

Wedding Photography Bundle (four classes) for $149 at CL

CreativeLIVE is back with yet another limited time offer. For $149 you can get a Wedding Photography Bundle that features four wedding-related photography classes from Jirsa, Star, the Grays and Valenzuela. Details on each class on each individual page linked to from the aforelinked bundle page.

CreativeLIVE Bootcamp Clases for $49 each [24 options]

A new week is in which means CreativeLIVE has a new promotion. This time around the promotion is a sale on Bootcamp courses for $49 each. These are classes that offer the educational equivalent of a bootcamp on a particular topic (presumably without the yelling, the sweat, the dirt, the drill instructors and such).

A total of 24 Bootcamps are available covering a variety of topics:

+ Portraiture, Weddings, Newborns, Boudoir
+ Fine Art, Outdoor
+ Photoshop CC, Premiere CC, Lightroom CC, Final Cut X
+ Business side of photography, people skills, marketing, inspirational

1-Year CreativeLIVE Netflix-style subscription for $199 total

Had enough of 48 hours of gadget shopping and deal hunting? How some Learnings of the Photographic kind? For a limited time, coupon code 100VIPGIFT gets you the first year subscription of the Creator Pass at Creative LIVE for $199. That’s 12 months of all you can stream ~ almost all of the current and future classes with a few exceptions

Or if you prefer and have the schedule flexibility, you can watch for free from the selection of classes airing at the ON-AIR Page. These are a mix of brand new classes recording LIVE and re-runs of older classes…

1-Year of Adobe CC Training Bundle for $29 [Stacksocial]

Stacksocial has another Adobe-related bundle, this time they are offering the The Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle for $29. This bundle consists of seven courses with a total of 247 lessons between them all. These are “Beginner to Advanced” type of classes and include Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Animation, Illustrator, Flash and InDesign. The classes are offered by “Academy of Design”.

NOTE that this is a 1-year subscription to the courses. You do not have lifetime access to them but one year only (365 days from purchase/activation).

15 Classes for $29 (or less) each at CreativeLIVE

For a limited time (as usual), Creative Live is running another flash sale, the theme this time around is 15 classes for $29 [or less] each and the list includes:

+ Photographing National Parks with Shive for $24

+ Commercial Portraiture with Joey L

+ Nature and Landscape photography with John Greengo

+ Fine Art portraits with Brooke Shade

+ and eleven more including fine-art portraits, volume sports, lighting, photoshop (or fauxtoshop as haters like to call it), flower photography and mo(i)re…

If any of the above are not of interest, fear not, they also have a 50% off site-wide sale. This too is a limited time offer, no coupon code is needed: when the sale ends, the price will change…

Speaking of educational matters, and totally unrelated to the above, for a limited time Amazon is offering the Kindle version of the The Reluctant Healer by Andrew D. Hemmell for $0.99 (315 pages, October 2018)…

LTO: 60% off sitewide at CreativeLIVE

The Creative LIVE website is running another limited time offer (LTO), you get 60% off most classes offered at Creative LIVE. The sale price is what you see on the website ~ there’s no coupon to enter. If you don’t see a 60% off discount, then it means the LTO expired…

Class: “Travel Photography with Ian Shive” for $10

For a limited time, the Creative LIVE class “Travel Photography: Landscapes, Aerials, & Skylines” with Ian Shive is on sale for $10 as a digital purchase through Stacksocial for $10. It is 1.5 hours long with 11 lessons…

A number of other Creative LIVE classes are also available through Stacksocial…

Speaking of Stacksocial, they are offering this speed-reading bundle (three items, lifetime subscription and/or license) for $19…

50% off sitewide at CreativeLIVE (no coupon)

Yesterday’s offer was a coupon promotion bu the 4th of July offer at Creative LIVE is a site-wide 50% off sale, no coupon code to enter. The price you see is the price you pay on their website while this promotion is running….

50% off site-wide with CreativeLIVE coupon

For a limited time only, CreativeLIVE is offering you 50% off sitewide using coupon code EARLY4 entered in their shopping cart.

As you can guess, the parade of 4th of July deals and coupons has already began!

Complete Photography Bundle for $35 [Stacksocial]

Stacksocial is offering for a limited time this $35 Complete Photography Professional Bundle that includes eight courses with a combined 250+ courses. You will find a detailed list of the classes further down the page over there. They include Wedding, Mac-related, candid moments, finding great light, perspective and some “getting started” type of classes for DSLRs and photography in general.

These are online streaming courses with lifetime access. There are deadlines on redemption. Unredeemed licenses can be returned for Stacksocial store credit within 15 days of purchases.

Learnings: Photoshop and Adobe CC for $31

Stacksocial continues their semi-annual sale with this Photoshop and Adobe CC Bundle offered for $31. This digital-only product includes seven Photoshop and Adobe CC related courses with lifetime digital access. The total bundle is over 75 hours of video-instruction (over 800 individual lessons so you can do them as piece-meal as you like). Each class is described further down the page over there…

Speaking of Stacksocial, they are also offering their Video Production Bootcamp for $15. This is a 6.5 hour course…

Also for $15 you can get the Drone Aerial Photography and Videography BASICS course that runs for about two hours…

And if you are a fan of the Disconnect VPN, they are currently offering a Lifetime Membership for $49. This can be used on up to three devices (supports iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windoze)

$10 off any class with CreativeLIVE coupon

This week’s “Mystery” deal at Creative LIVE is a “make your own” deal type of a promotion: coupon code MM10 drops $10 off the purchase price of a class. The coupon typically expires later in the week but I’m not sure exactly when…

Creative LIVE: 12 classes for $19 each

Creative LIVe is back with another limited time sale, a dozen different classes are offered for $19 each. You can buy one or two or all of them if you like. These are digital purchases, you own them as long as both you and CreativeLIVE are alive 🙂

Topics include Photoshop, “portraits under pressure”, composition, color, home studio, video for #togs, and a couple of posing classes from Lindsay Adler (“Posing 101”) and Bambi Cantrell (“Masterclass”).

Speaking of CreativeLIVE, as we previously mentioned, until the end of June 2019, you can get 60% off any class of your choice using the coupon mentioned there…

$25 off Photoshop Week with CL coupon = $174

For a limited time, coupon code PSW25OFF gets you $25 off the purchase price of the bundle that consists of the 17 classes that were launched during this year’s Photoshop Week 2019 at Creative LIVE. The coupon drops the price from $199 to $174.

60% off One Class of Your Choice with CreativeLIVE coupon

You can make your own deal! Coupon code 60OFFONE gets you 60% off one class of your choice at Creative LIVE. Rules and restrictions apply. The coupon expires on June 30 in 2019…

CreativeLIVE: $15 off Masters of Photography classes

For a limited time, coupon code MM15 gets you $15 off any Masters Photography class at CreativeLIVE. The current price is $170, so the coupon will drop it to $155. This is a “secret sale”. It will officially launch on 6/17/19. Not that online classes are going to sell out 🙂

Pre-order discount: $5 off Jasmine Star Social Media Bootcamp

If you are a photographer and you want to get a jumpstart into the chaotic world of social media (as a photographer), photographer Jasmine Star will be launching a Social Media Bootcamp class at CreativeLIVE between June 24-26 in 2019. The pre-order price is $99 but for a limited time, using coupon code JSTAR5 you can get $5 off that price.

The class will be streaming live for free during its recording/premiere between June 24-26, so if you have schedule-flexibility, you can watch it for free…

Complete Sue Bryce Bundle for $99 at CL (18 classes)

If you are a fan of photographer Sue Bryce, rejoice! For a limited time, Creative Live is offering the Complete Sue Bryce Bundle of online classes for $99. This is a digital ownership, not a Netflix-style subscription. A total of 18 classes are included in this bundle that focus on portraits and related topics as they pertain to portaiture (lighting, etc).

You can watch these classes online (streaming) with a desktop or laptop or tablet. iOS users can also download them for offline viewing on compatible iPhones and iPads. Not sure where there’s no option for Android or Windows yet…