(ENDED) 3-Year Photo Magazine Subscriptions for $13 total ($4.33 per year) [CORRECTED]

This weekend sale ended, but fear not, rumor has it there are 52 weekends per year 🙂

The weekend is here, and so is another DiscountMags.com weekend sale. The theme this time around is multi-year discounts. Three year subscriptions get the biggest discounts. You can get 3-year subscription of Outdoor Photographer Pop Photo or Digital Photo for $13 total per magazine per 3-year period, which comes out to $4.33 per magazine per year. A 3-year “Digital Photo PRO” subscription goes for $20, making it a $6.67 per year. Sale ends Monday night as usual.

CORRECTION: the magazine on sale is “Outdoor Photographer”, not “Pop Photo”. My brain auto-complete wrote the wrong one! “Pop Photo”, along with its family of magazines are no longer getting published. The “Pop Photo” website is not getting updated either. Thanks to Nick for pointing it out in the comments!


  1. Popular Photo stopped publication a few months ago.

    • Thanks for the correction! My brain auto-complete wrote “Pop Photo”, when I should have written “Outdoor Photographer”. It is now corrected!