Archives for February 18, 2024

Monday: Sachtler Rollpak, DJI RSC 2, FeelWorld, Logitech, Samsung Monitors, MSI Gaming, Etc

Monday is here with a fresh set of four B&H Photo daily deals, worthy of a president!

+ Sachtler Camera Rollpak for $208

+ DJi RSC 2 Gimbal Stabilizer Pro Combo for $419
+ one more dollar and it would have been …special 🙂

+ FeelWorld 10.1″ 4K HDMI Field Monitor for $209

+ Logitech wireLESS keyboard and mice combos, three options

Gaming desktop action with iBuyPOWER options at Amazon with a price range of $690 to $1890… There’s also a big Samsung monitors sale, with 27 options, with prices starting at $125 and ending at almost $2000 (55″, 2160p, Ark, 1000R, 165Hz, 1ms, etc).

In 80 minutes you can learn about “Advanced Content Aware and Cloning” (not of humans) with Lisa Carney starting at 12pm ET at Creative LIVE ON AIR. Given the runtime, this will repeat multiple times during the 24-hour free-streamin’ window.

A big sale of MSI Gaming Components and Computers is running at Woot until 2/21/24 or earlier if sold out. Woot seems to be favoring more of the “Woot Plus” type of offerings these days, and highlighting them as one of the sub-Woot “deals of the day”. That’s why the sale runs longer than 24 hours!

IF YOU are fond of Cuisinant brand products or use them for their shiny sheen to calibrate your lighting and camera gear (!?!?!!), Woot Plus is running a big Cuisinant sale until the end of the month.

Barnes and Noble and Best Buy managed to survive against all odds, even though mayhaps they were not the best suited of their competitors of that time. If you haven’t been following Best Buy of late, they have created a Best Buy Sells That! page that showcases products people don’t necessarily associate with Best Buy. And it’s actually a nicely designed page. Browser-crashing for sure, but still, not bad!

Sunday: SwissDigital, Mangus, EZQuest, LG & Samsung TVs, Etc

Sunday is here with a fresh set of B&H Photo daily deals good until 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ SwissDigital Basel Carrying Case (Black) for $70

+ Magnus FT-05 MiniFlex Flexible Tripod with Ball Head and Smartphone Adapter for $10

+ EZ Quest DuraGuard USB-C to HDMI Cable (7.2 ft) for $16

+ also Benro headset, and Auray mic isolation chamber

+ Samsung Q60C 32″ 4K HDR Smart QLED TV for $348 with FREE Gabor Tilting Wall Mount for 27-42″ Displays

SPEAKING of TVs, one of the latest Gold Box offerings at Amazon is a Big LG sale featuring nine options. Just in time to rewatch the Super Bowl 🙂

OUT in the STREETS we go starting at 12pm ET on Sunday at Creative LIVE ON AIR with a 63 minute class, “Street Photography: Capturing Unique Images” with Steve Sweatpants. Yes, that’s the actual name 🙂

“Top Deals”, followed by “Trending Deals” continue to rule the day at the Adorama daily deals.

And now a B&M freebie for the weekend, for those participating in the Lucky’s/SaveMart family of companies rewards program, you can get a FREE 1.5L of Jarritos beverage, “the official drink of tacos” they say 🙂