Archives for March 19, 2023

Sunday: GVM, Selfie Ring Light, TreeFort, Nintendo Switch 64, Etc

Sunday is here and the first week of yet another crazy March Madness is almost at its end!

We start with the B&H Photo daiiles:

+ Apexel Selfie Ring Light with 24″ Gooseneck Stand Cell Phone Holder for $14

+ GVM 4K HDMI to USB 3.0 Video Capture Device for $79

+ TreeFort Lookout Camera Strap for $20, three color options

+ Samsung MX-ST50B Sound Tower 240W Wireless Party Speaker for $298
+ because the neighbors don’t deserve sleep 😉

+ also a SeaScooter and a Saramonic mic thing

It’s GAME TIME at the Adorama dailies with the Nintendo Switch 64GB OLED Console with Joy-Con controllers, for $325…