Archives for December 26, 2022

The B&H Deal Zone All-Star Game is Here (1569 options)

It’s time for an All Star Game! No, not the basketball kind, but the daily deals kind! B&H Photo has brought back their MEGA DEAL ZONE, where many of the previously featured daily deals are LIVE, all TOGETHER, at the SAME TIME! As of the time of writing there are 1569 options! Over time, the number may decrease if some of the offers sell-out/run-out.

You can filter them using the left-hand side categories over there, for example there are 713 options under the Photography category and 156 under the Lighting category.

These run in 24 hour increments. I do not know how many days these will last. Some of the offers expire 12/29/22 which may be a clue. Best case scenario, B&H has their usual Friday Sabbath closing, so they could end on Friday. This is speculation on my part, I do not have inside knowledge.

Check them all at the MEGA DEAL ZONE page. After this promotion expires, they will return to their usual daily deals (which currently redirect to the MEGA DEAL ZONE)…

Monday: Sandisk/WD Storage sale

It is back, for Monday 12/26/22, the headliner of the Amazon Gold Box daily deals is the return of the WD and Sandisk storage sale in the new ever-scrolling store page format!

The usual suspects are participating, memory cards, hard drives, flash drives, G-Drives, SSDs, internal and external. Too many to list here individually…

Things are a bit quiet again at the latest round of Adorama daily deals, this one good until Tuesday at 10am ET, with an iFootage monopod/tripod type thing for $120, and an iFootage Komodo K7 ball head for $200…