Archives for September 22, 2019

Costco new 1-Year membership deal returns: Pay $60, Get $20 store card and more

The Costco deal is back at Groupon Goods. For new members only (not good for renewals), you pay $60 and for that you receive a 1-year Costco membership and a $20 Costco store gift card and free detergent and paper towels and two coupons, one of which is $25 off an order of $250+ at the Costco website (of interest for camera and technology gear that has the same prices everywhere). Check their website for all the terms, conditions and restrictions for the offering…

Sunday: MyGeckoGear E100, Vello Screen Protectors (various cameras)

Sunday at B&H Photo has three items left because the fourth sold out already (Jill-E backpack):

+ MyGeckoGear E100 1080p Dash Camera for $35

+ Vello Umbra Screen Protector with LCD Shade for $14 (five options, Canon and Nikon cameras)

+ Vello Umbra Screen Protector with LCD Shade for various other cameras for $14 (five options, select Sony, Fuji and Olympus cameras)