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Weekend (B&H): $249 Autofocus Adapter (Leica M lenses to Sony E bodies), Gel Set, Pet Camera, Qi Charging Pad for $8

Friday is here which means this 4-pack of B&H Photo daily deals [CORRECT LINK] runs until Saturday at 11:59pm ET but as usual B^H is closed between Friday PM and Saturday PM [check their website for exact times]:

+ Techart Pro Leica M Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera Autofocus Adapter for $249

+ VeLLo EZ-Flip Gel Set for $12

+ EzViz Mini Plus 1080p Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Night Vision for $30 to $35 (four options)

+ ChargeWorx Qi Wireless Charging Pad for $8

UPDATE: speaking of limited time offers, Adorama is offering the new condition Sennheiser ew 100 ENG G4 Wireless Combo Set (G:566-608 MHz W/Zoom H6 Recorder) for $850 for a limited time (their latest “Snapshot Deal”)…

UPDATE #2: speaking of Adorama, they are also having a Labor Day Lighting Gear sale with a total of fifty products participating in the sale…

Pre-order new Canon 90D APS-C DSLR starting at $1199

Canon is not just releasing a new APS-C mirrorless camera, they are also ushering out a new APS-C DSLR in their long line of ??D DSLRs using the new 32mp APS-C sensors. The new 90D is available for preorder in the following standard kits:

+ 90D body only for $1199
+ 90D with 18-55 for $1349
+ 90D with 18-135 for $1599
+ the wait is not long for this one, the release estimate is mid-September 2019
+ available for pre-ordering at B&H Photo and Adorama and eventually at Amazon

Pre-order new Canon M6 II mirrorless kits starting at $850

The Canon APS-C mirrorless system is not abandoned just because Canon launched a “boutique” full frame mirrorless system [meow!]. A new APS-C mirrorless camera has been revealed, it is the M6 Mark II and it is available for pre-ordering at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon at these standard configurations:

+ body only for $850

+ with 15-45mm lens and EVF-DC2 viewfinder for $1099

+ with 18-150mm lens and EVF-DC2 viewfinder for $1349

+ the camera body is available in black and silver (really black-silver) color schemes

Pre-order new Sony a6100 and a6600 APS-C Mirrorless cameras

Two new cameras have joined the party of the Sony E-system, two new APS-C mirrorless cameras that are now available for pre-ordering as follows:

+ a6100 body only for $748
+ a6100 with 16-50 for $848
+ a6100 two lens kit (16-50, 55-210) for $1098
+ release estimate November 2019
+ available for pre-orders at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon

+ a6600 body only for $1398
+ a6600 with 18-135mm for $1798
+ a6600 with 16-25mm f2.8 for $2796
+ release estimate November 2019
+ available for pre-orders at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon

Panasonic Instant Savings promotions (GH5S, DC-S1, ZS100)

B&H Photo is currently running a few limited time Panasonic Instant Savings promotions as follows:

+ GH5S body only with Rode VideoMic Pro microphone and extra Watson battery for $1997

+ DC-S1 full frame mirrorless body only for $2198
+ DC-S1 with 24-105mm for $3098
+ free V-Log Upgrade software key

+ DC-S1R body for $2998
+ DC-S1R with 24-105 for $3898

+ ZS100 superzoom with the Panasonic Travel kit (charger and battery), 32GB Sandisk SD card and camera pouch for $448

With all the Panasonics above, you can optionally extended the standard 1-year warranty to a 3-year warranty by following the steps required by Panasonica…

Pre-order new Rokinon AF 18mm f2.8 FE for $399

If you are a fan of the Sony E-System and you like your lenses to have this new auto-focus thing [may or may not catch on ~ only the future will tell], B&H Photo is now accepting pre-orders for the new condition Rokinon AF 18mm f2.8 FE for the Sony E-System (FE = full-frame) for $399. The current release estimate is October 2019… This is only available in Sony E!

Massdrop Update: Photography products folded under Tech

Massdrop (now renamed to the shorter “Drop” name) is trying different product categories, some become very popular (eg mechanical keyboards, audiophile, etc), some fail to get a lot of traction. Their photography sales failed to get a lot of traction so they removed them as a category/interest and instead any photography-related products are folded into the Tech product category

Summer Lenses Instant Savings (900 options)

If you are looking for an aggregate of the currently running lenses instant savings and the few mail-in rebate promotions, Adorama has nicely organized them in their Summer Lenses Sale page. Lens-related accessories are also part of the sale.

You can use the left hand side of their website to filter them quickly by areas of interest, for example by brand, price range, system, lens type, and you can sort them by various factors (price, newness of lens, popularity, etc)…

UPDATE: speaking of Adorama, they are having a page featuring the current tripod promotions with a total of 48 options participating…

20% off one item at the REI Outlet with coupon

Some people are fans of the Great Indoors, others are fans of the Great Outdoors. Some are fans of none and some are fans of both. Especially if you are a fan of the Great Outdoors, coupon code LABORDAY19 gets you 20% off one item from the REI Outlet store (formerly known as the REI Garage). Terms, conditions and restrictions apply.

UPDATE: not eligible for the coupon above, but REI is also running their Labor Day sales featuring a variety of outdoors-y products. Not that anyone stops you from using them indoors or in your yard or in the parking lot 🙂

REI is free for all to shop but if you join as a member by paying a one-time fee [not an annual fee] you get extra benefits including an annual member dividend (a percentage of your annual purchase that were not on sale/clearance)…

Blanket Correction II: B&H Daily Deals link corrected!

We have another blanket correction, and it’s not a deja vu! The link to the B&H Photo daily deals has now been corrected for the last few days. Because of a cut-and-paste error, it had been pointing to Woot Sellout instead…

All apologies for the confusions!

Thanks to one of our readers for the alert using the online contact form!

PS: why was this happening? All it takes is one cut and paste mistake and if I don’t notice it, I simply copy the link of the previous day for the next day and it continues to propagate ~ like it happened the last two times…

PS2: it is also possible that I’m getting too old 🙂

Labor Day sales at CreativeLIVE too – 60% off Everything

CreativeLIVE couldn’t stay out of the “Labor Day sales” party and they have launched their early as well, it is a 60% off site-wide sale on everything. The price you see is the sale price, there’s no coupon code to enter. When the sale ends, the prices will adjust upwards. You can easily tell from the numbers, for example a sale price of $79 on a standard price of $199 class is a 60% off sale (or for faster math, 40% of the original price).

Thursday: 256GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC for $30, WD & Toshiba external HDDs, Laptops/Monitors, etc

It’s the return of another variant of the PC Accessories sale at the AMazon USA GolD BoX for Thursday 8/29/19 and it includes:

+ 256GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC for $30, 512GB for $80
+ 500GB Sandisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD (USB-C) for $110

+ WD external HDD storage including 10TB Elements desktop for $159, 4TB Gaming for $90,
+ 2TB Toshiba Canvio for $50, 4TB for $74

+ Acer Swift laptops and monitors and AiO, Lenovo Flex, ASUS Zenbook 5 laptops, Benq and Samsung monitors, Microsoft Surface Go and more!

+ limit two of each item per customer at the sale price