Archives for February 12, 2019

Woot Garage Sale

Woot is having another Garage sale. Think of it as a Woot-OFF but it happens horizontally in time instead of vertically. Not a perfect analogy, so let me simplify it: all the sale items are offered up immediately instead of a new one every few hours. This causes the more desirable items to sellout quickly, so it is a bit of a lottery ticket like Woot-OFFs.

Under Electronics, they had the Canon EF 70-200/2.8L IS II for $1260 with a 90-day Woot warranty with limit one per customer but it was sold-out when I noticed this new sale.

Under Computers, there’s a handful of Kindle Paperwhite e-readers of various generations in Scratch and Dent condition starting at $35. Reading is magical with e-readers, if you are reading text-only or text-mostly fiction and non-fiction.Not ideal for anime or engineering books or photography books or books full of pictures and such, but for text-only they are magical. Because reading is fun-da-mental!

PS: speaking of Canon, now I have to get in the habit of writing “EF” in Canon SLR lenses since they have their new full frame miRRoRless system 🙂

YMMV (Fry’s B&M): 20% off for first 25 customers twice a day

This is a very YMMV offer. IF you are physically near a Fry’s brick and mortar store, they are running a new type of a promotion so far this week. Twice a day, upon opening and at 5:30pm local time, the first 25 customers in line that mention the daily magic word (which can be found in their daily mailing list emails of course) get a coupon that is worth 20% off purchases of $299+ at the B&M store.

The Wednesday magic word is Get20Extra

Some products from some brands are excluded (Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Bose, LG, Tempurapedia) and of course gift cards are excluded. The maximum discount with the coupon is $1000, in other words, up to a $5000 purchase. If your purchase is over $5000 in eligible products, then you get a flat $1000 off discount.

PS: this post is also a traffic alert if your driving involves areas surrounding Fry’s B&M stores. Granted, it won’t be like Black Friday madness ~ probably.

Wedn: Case CPL-106 bag, E-Image Tripod, Bescor Kit, Etc

Hump day is upon us once again, and the Wednesday round of B&H daily deals is this quartet of offerings:

+ Case Logic CPL-106 DSLR camera bag of medium size for $15
+ keep in mind that terms like “small”, “medium”, “large” are always relative 🙂

+ E-IMAGE EK60AAM Fluid Drag Video Head and Tripod for $149

+ Bescor FM256 Flexible Remote-Controlled Bi-Color LED Light Mat for $129

+ D-Link wifi/wireless kit for $150