128GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC (V30, UHS-I) for $58.50 [or 2-pack for $116]

Coupon code SALE3 as we mentioned earlier today is a 10% off Groupon Goods until Friday night. This means the 128GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC (V30, UHS-I, C10) drops to $58.50, the 64GB version drops to $35~ and the 32GB version drops to $22.50. Each one of these options also has a 2-pack option which is about $1-$2 less than buying two 1-packs. So if you need cards in multiples of 2, you can get slightly better prices buying the 2-packs (and you can get more of them as well). Free shipping for $34.99+ orders.

In comparison, Amazon itself’s prices are $61, $36.52 and $21.40. Free shipping for Prime or $25+ orders.

PS: I don’t remember my Groupon password (SAD!) so I haven’t tested it this time. I’m assuming it should work… UPDATE: it does work!