20% off Groupon Local (custom photo prints offers are there)

This incarnation of the coupon expires on Friday night on 4/20/18…

The variety of custom photo print offers (photo books, metal prints, canvas prints, wood, photo-gifts, etc) reside under Local Deals at the Groupon website and coupon code SALE3 gets you 20% off on up to three different local deals. For each deal, you get a discount on one unit purchased, with a maximum discount of $50 per deal. Restrictions and exclusions apply.

I didn’t realize how many options they added since the last time I checked. Canvas print offers have multiplied like bunnies. As of the time of writing, Groupon has 110+ Canvas Prints offers at their website, and coupon code SALE3 gets you 20% off most of these. Note that many of these offers do not come with free shipping and shipping is not discounted by the coupon since you are paying shipping if/when you redeem the offer at each printing service’s website. Check the terms/conditions of each item for the shipping fees. Some offer a flat fee, others show a list of delivery fees, others calculate it when you redeem the print at their site.

This coupon also gets you 10% off Groupon Goods which are the physical products. That’s where camera accessories and other tangible/consumable goods can be found.