(ENDED) You Opine: Which One Of These New WordPress Themes Do You Prefer?

As of 5/17/15 at 1am ET, the new non-mega-font theme has been installed… The original post is after the jump for reference…

Action time! We have three test blogs running three different responsive WordPress Themes that are candidates to replace this current mega-font theme on this blog. The test blogs have half a dozen posts each (the same posts on each one so you can compare) along with a basic sidebar and menus. The basic framework can hopefully give you a good idea of what to expect.

The three test-blogs are:
+ test1.1001noisycameras.com/
+ test2.1001noisycameras.com/
+ test3.1001noisycameras.com/

+ “Current version” in the poll is the one currently installed here on the live blog
+ “Something Else” if you don’t like any of the options

REMEMBER: these are responsive themes, so they will adjust depending on screen size and screen orientation. To see how they expand and contract, you can adjust the browser window size or check them on different devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc).

So, now you opine, which one(s) do you prefer? You can vote in the poll below (up to two votes) or use the online contact form or write in the comments below or opine on Twitter.

PS: the results are not shown to prevent them from influencing the votes.


  1. Can’t find the poll itself so am making a comment.

    My preference is Test 3 – very clean and easy to read.

    My wordpress blog: https://richditch.wordpress.com

    • Thanks for the feedback! The poll is using PollDaddy’s Javascript widget, so that may be the reason why you are not seeing it.