Weekly Fry’s Promo Codes: Vanguard, Case Logic, refurb Cybershot, etc

A new week is upon us, and if you are subscribed to the Fry’s promo codes emails (coupons are unique for each subscriber), the week of January 24-30, 2016 includes among others:

+ 61″ Vanguard ESPOD CX 234AP Tripod for $40 (limit 1)
+ CASE LOGIC KDB-101BK Konstrast Pro for $60 (limit 1)
+ Monster Villain Action Camera for $100 (limit 1)
+ unspecified refurbished Sony Cybershot (16mp, 5x optical) for $50 (limit 1; in-store only)
+ 25% off inks and toners (limit 5; excludes Samsung)
+ usual assortment of tech items