Wedn: 1-Year Microsoft 365 Family w/$50 Amazon GC for $100 [auto-renewal, up to 6 people]

If you want to check out the Microsoft 365 Family subscription at virtually half price, for Wednesday 12/2/20 in the pacific time zone, as their headliner Gold Box deal du jour is a 1-year prepaid auto-renewing family-style (up to six people/accounts participating) Microsoft 365 Family Subscription for $100 with a bonus of a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Limit two per customer.

The Microsoft 365 offer [interesting that they are now leveraging their brand name in the subscription] includes the usual Office apps (Excel, Word, etc) and 1TB of OneDrive per person. This is good for PCs, Macs, Android and iPhones/iPads/etc. So it works on a mix-and-match basis.

PRO TIP: if you have a personality that is split six ways, you can have six different Microsoft accounts that have 1TB OneDrive each, making it 6TB OneDrive total 🙂

NOTE: this is an auto-renewing subscription. IF you don’t cancel it, it will auto-renew automatically at the future-renewal-rate. The $50 Amazon Gift Card offer is only for the initial 12-month period. You won’t be getting a $50 Amazon GC every year 🙂

Elsewhere at Amazon they have:

+ Nikon Instant Savings promotion with 30 options, a mix of cameras and lenses of the DSLR and mirrorNYET kind

+ Sony Cameras Instant Savings promotion with seven options, a mix of APS-C and 35mmFF mirrornyets…

+ 6-month Audible Plus subscription for $5 per month; then it auto-renews at $8/month
+ this is a limited Netflix-style subscription, a departure from the usual ownership-style Audible subscription which costs more
+ this includes ONLY a subset of the audiobooks available on Audible
+ the “Premium Plus” subscription with a $15/month standard price includes the above “Plus” plus you get one free (to digitally own) audiobook per month [you can bank freebies to a certain extent if you don’t need any audiobook one particular month; but they do have limitations/expirations]

+ UPDATE: another promotion, spend $20+ on 300 select qualifying products and save $5
+ Amazon herself must needs be the seller of each eligible product
+ all items must be placed in the same shopping cart