(ENDED) Tuesday’s Daily Deals: Dolica, B+W, Nanuk, Tiffen, Studio/Lighting Kits, Jacket and Half Cases, Etc

These lighting deals expired… For future ones in the future, check the Amazon Gold Box and Camera & Photo page

The teasers in the Amazon Gold Box lightning deals, which you can also filter at the Camera and Photo page and the Electronics page, include, among others:

+ starts 5:49am ET: Dolica AX680P104 68-Inch Proline Tripod and Pan Head (price before sale $60)

+ starts 7:14am ET: BESTEK Waterproof Canvas DSLR Camera Shoulder Bag (price before sale $33)

+ starts 9:49am ET: 4GB Sandisk Ultra Compact Flash (price before sale $11)

+ starts 10:49am ET: 64GB G.Skill SDXC (FF-SDXC64GN-U1) (price before sale $21)

+ starts 11:24am ET: MegaGear “Ever Ready” Protective Leather Camera Case, Bag for Canon PowerShot G7 X (price before sale $30)

+ starts 2:19pm ET: Google Chromebook Pixel 64GB Wifi + 4G LTE (price before sale $450)

+ starts 2:34pm ET: MegaGear “Ever Ready” Protective Black Leather Camera Case, Bag for Leica D-LUX (Typ 109) (price before sale $30)

+ starts 2:49pm ET: Nanuk 910-OSM5 Waterproof Hard Case with Foam Insert for DJI Osmo (price before sale $70)

+ starts 3:49pm ET: B+W 82MM Neutral Density 3.0-1,000X Multi-Resistant Coating (price before sale $180)

+ starts 3:54pm ET: Nanuk 910-OSM2 Waterproof Hard Case with Foam Insert for DJI Osmo (price before sale $70)

+ starts 4:09pm ET: Tenba Tools BYOB 13 Camera Insert, Black Camouflage/Lime (price before sale $60)

+ starts 4:44pm ET: CowboyStudio Hand Painted 10 X 12 ft Muslin Photo Backdrop Background (price before sale $37)

+ starts 4:54pm ET: Lastolite LL LC6981 6 x 9 Feet Chromakey Collapsible Background (Green) (price before sale $258)

+ starts 4:54pm ET: Cowboystudio Telescopic Backdrop Support Pole and Crossbar (price before sale $32)

+ starts 6:19pm ET: Formatt-Hitech 43mm Front Screw Adaptor for Formatt-Hitech 67mm Holder (price before sale $47)

+ starts 6:39pm ET: MegaGear “Ever Ready” Leather Camera Case for Panasonic LX7 (price before sale $13)

+ starts 7:09pm ET: 64GB Corsair Flash Voyager GS USB 3.0 Flash Drive (price before sale $39)

+ starts 7:29pm ET: Vivitar FK3-37 37mm 3 Piece Filter Kit (price before sale $15)

+ starts 7:39pm ET: Sony ECMPC60 Electret Condenser Microphone for Digital Imaging Products (price before sale $27)

+ starts 7:54pm ET: Gepe 457030 6 x 4.5cm Glassless Slide Mount with Metal Mask, 3mm Thick, 20 Pack (price before sale $13)

+ starts 7:54pm ET: Fovitec StudioPRO – 2x 24″x36″ Softbox Lighting Kit w/ 4200 W Total Output – [Pro][Includes Stands, Softboxes, Socket Heads, 10x 85W Bulbs] (price before sale $200)

+ starts 8pm ET: Polaroid Optics 37mm CPL Circular Polarizer Filter (price before sale $8)

+ starts 8pm ET: Neewer 49mm ND Fader Neutral Density Adjustable Variable Filter (ND2 to ND400) (price before sale $10)

+ starts 8:04pm ET: Polaroid Optics 62mm Multi-Coated UV Protective Filter (price before sale $10)

+ starts 8:14pm ET: Tiffen 77mm 812 Warming Filter (price before sale $34)

+ starts 8:19pm ET: Polaroid Optics 72mm Multi-Coated UV Protective Filter (price before sale $10)

+ starts 8:34pm ET: Sony LCJHN/B Jacket Case for Cyber-Shot DSCXH60V (price before sale $34)

+ starts 8:39pm ET: Fotasy MH46 Metal Screw-In Lens Hood for Panasonic Lumix 14mm f2.5/20mm f/1.7 Lens and Leica DG SUMMILUX 25mm F1.4 ASPH (price before sale $7)

+ starts 8:39pm ET: JOBY Action Clamp & GorillaPod Arm for GoPro or Other Action Video Cameras (price before sale $15)

+ starts 8:39pm ET: CowboyStudio Hand Painted 6 X 9ft Blue and Purple Muslin Photo Backdrop (price before sale $22)


+ 4pk XCSOURCE Neoprene Lens Bags (four different sizes included) for $11
+ Fujifilm INSTAX Wide 300 Instant Film Camera for $85
+ Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Instant Film Twin Pack for $13.29 (Prime only)
+ AmazonBasics Electronic Flash for DSLRs for $28
+ 12pk AmazonBasics Rechargeable AAA batteries for $13
+ 4pk AmazonBasics AAA Rechargeable Batteries for $5.58
+ Energizer Watch/Electronic Batteries, 3 Volts, 2032, 2 batteries (Lithium Button Cell) for under $2 (Add-ON item)
+ Kensington LM550 Professional Laptop Case 15-Inch, Black (K62611WW) for $30 (Prime only)
+ Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball for $25
+ Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for $45 (Prime only)
+ 100pk AmazonBasics Ballpoint pens for $5.50 (ADD-ON item; good value if you have a studio/business with a customer-facing front-desk – pens magically disappear there)
+ LESHP Adjustable Foldable Tablet Stand for $3 (free shipping for Prime members (not Add-ON), great bang for the buck accessory for this price)
+ Six Month Prime Student Free Trial (must be eligible for “Prime Student”)
+ Battlestar Galactica Complete Series on BluRay for $36 (UK Import but it is not region locked – see reviews)

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  1. S. W. Anderson says:

    Here we go again. FWIW, at 8:02 Pacific time the Neewer 49mm ND Fader Neutral Density Adjustable Variable Filter (ND2 to ND400) (price before sale $10) was shown at $10, with no mention of a deal, discount or number claimed. The next item, a Polaroid 52mm UV filter was listed at $1 off with none claimed at 8:04.

    • S. W. Anderson says:

      Above, that should’ve been 62mm UV filter.

    • Unfortunately cancellations are part of it, the more they expand the gold box, the higher the number of cancellations. Especially since they opened the Lightning Deals to 3rd-party sellers, which adds another level of randomness.

      I am not sure how they decide the sale prices, but I am too seeing a number of very small discounts, often greeted with 0% claimed.

      As far as the deal prices (in general, not this one in particular), since the Lightning Deals are now open to 3rd-party sellers, I have no clue ahead of time who the Lightning Deal seller is going to be. Sometimes it’s Amazon itself, other times it’s 3rd-party sellers. The price I post in “(price before the sale)” is the featured price next to the yellow Add to Cart buttons. Sometimes the lightning deal seller is not the “featured price” seller, so the lightning deal discount may not be that far off. On rare occassion it was higher – this may be more so when the featured seller is not bound by MAP pricing or is an importer/unauthorized dealer.

      • S. W. Anderson says:

        There’s no doubt in my mind you post accurately on the information available to you. Someone at Amazon had better reckon with what lack of credibility can do. As happened to the little boy who cried wolf. If the Amazonistas are going to whatever trouble they go to holding Gold Box deals to increase sales, they better realize when people stop by at the appointed time and see sale prices between negligible and pathetic, many will decide Gold Box deals are nothing but a come on, and not bother with them. Kick that negative reaction up 10 notches when people take time out of a busy day to maybe snag a bargain and find there is no bargain.

        I’m trying to imagine what would happen to McD’s if the newspaper ad and the sign out front said “Big Mac super deal today” and so lots of folks go to the drive-up or inside only to discover “super” means 15 cents off a Big Mac meal. Or, worse, if it turns out today’s super deal looks exactly like yesterday’s regular price, and on inquiring they are told the super deal is cancelled. If that were to become a regular occurrence, I’m sure that along with losing customers it wouldn’t be long before there would be legal consequences for false advertising.

        Amazon has a responsibility to establish and enforce standards and rules, for its own operation and for those it allows to sell through its Web site. Amazon does some good things and does them well. What a shame to tarnish its otherwise good name with Gold Box deals that are gold-brick lame.

        • I have errors and typos with these too, it’s statistically impossible not to: I am posting almost 1000 lightning deals per month, so statistically there should be (and there are) errors and typos and such. I catch some or people point them out, but there are (probably) others I don’t catch.

          • S. W. Andersoon says:

            Very well, I’ll take your word for that. I’ve found your posts to be highly accurate, even with an occasional typo or missing word. That goes for deals at many different sites. Meanwhile, I’m seeing more flubs of various kinds on Amazon pages. Considering the volume of pages Amazon has, I expect that’s more or less inevitable.

  2. S. W. Anderson says:

    Speaking of typos, OMG, what I just noticed I did. ! I’m going to go now, chastened. I wish your comments utility would have an edit or delete function (he wrote, red faced).

    • I am using the default WordPress Commenting system, which unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of features, but it’s ligthweight and doesn’t have /tracking like the various 3rd-party fancy commenting services do. I have to check to see if there are any plug-ins and such that add features to the default system without slowing things down.