Tuesday: Samsung Z Flip, WD HDDs (12 options), Dr Bag, Etc

Tuesday is here, and with it we have a six-pack of B&H daily deals headlined by name-brand action, good until 11:59pm ET or earlier for anything that may sellout ahead of its designated expiration time…

+ WD internal and external hard drive sale, 12 options, further discounted with automatic in-cart coupon, capacities range from 1TB to 14TB, includes RED and MyPassport Wireless… Already (as of the time of writing) the 1TB wireless for $114 after automatic coupon is “more on the way”, the rest remain “in-stock”…

+ Samsung Galaxy Z Flip SA-F700F Dual-SIM 256GB Unlocked Smartphone for $880 in two color options
+ now your James T. Kirk fantasies can come true!

+ Sensei CreepStop Bands for $7 to $9 (two options)
+ these can only prevent lens creep, not actual creeps; those require more advanced measures!

+ IndiPRO 2 x Micro-Series 98Wh Li-Ion V-Mount Batteries with Dual Battery Charger Kit (RED Compatible) for $450

+ Sachtler Dr. Bag 3 for $119
+ this is a camera bag, but you can also use it for doctor cosplay and roleplay 😉

+ STS Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks, four quantity options (100 to 1000), $30 to $270