Tuesday: Nodal, Tamrac, Sirui, Genaray, Snaptain, Vello, Etc

It’s Tuesday, or for those working from home, ToonsDay πŸ™‚ A new set of B&H daily deals is here, good until 11:59pm ET tonight or earlier if sold out [plus a couple of flash deals]…

+ Snaptain SP510 2.7K Foldable Drone for $130
+ if it was more expensive, it would be Captain πŸ˜‰
+ but it could make for a great coverband name, Snaptain and Tennille πŸ˜‰

+ SirUI N-2004SK N-S Series Tripod (Aluminum) for $130
+ or as some like to call it, aluminium

+ Genaray Radiance Daylight LED Monolight for $349
+ no relation to Stormlight’s Knights of Radiance

+ Tamrac Tradewind Zoom Bag 2.4 (Dark Gray) for $13
+ NOTE: the bag itself does not zoom, neither optical, nor digital πŸ™‚

+ Nodal Ninja NN3 MKII Starter Package for $100

+ Vello LW-100 ExtendΓ‘ Wi-Fi Camera Remote Control for Select Canon, Nikon & Sony in three options, $80 to $180 [includes LR & C1 tethering]

+ IndiPRO Dual Fusion V-Mount Battery Charger for $125
+ it may sound like a power drink you get from the gym but it’s not πŸ˜‰

+ flash deal: NanGuang Compac100C Bi-Color Slim Soft Light Studio LED Panel for $169
+ next flash deal: Contec Deluxe Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Level Monitor

UPDATE #1: for those shipping within the EU, Amazon Germany is offering today the 128GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC for 25 euro-dollars and the 64GB version of that for 14 euro-dollars…