Tuesday: Apple party at Woot, Lighting 301 Free-Streaming

More Tuesday action, the headliner at Woot is an Apple sale featuring MacBooks, Retina displays, iMacs, iPads, and Mac Mini. It’s a mix of new condition and refurbished, check each listing. A total of 17 options are available. Some of the products are of the M1 generation, some are older. Prices range from $150 to $3200.

If you are wondering what on earth would cost just $150, well, it’s the eternally undying iPad 4 Mini! A 32GB Wifi + cellular in refurbished condition.

A number of things have already sold-out but many continue in the wild randomness that is Woot’s Cyber Monday Markdowns.

MEANwhile at Woot’s mother company, the Amazon Gold Box is like a fountain that keeps sprouting deals. Among them is a deal on shiny Breville espresso machines and other kitchen appliances. Don’t look – you may not be able to resist the temptation 🙂

AND FINALLY on the e-learning front, the headliner free streaming class starting at 12pm ET on Tuesday at Creative LIVE On-AIR is a 8.5 hour class “Lighting 301” with Pye Jirsa and The SLR Lounge Experience. Given the length, it will air twice in full.