Trade-In Fuji GFX-50S Offer: $650 off discount + Value of your Used Serious Camera

If you are interested in buying the Fuji GFX-50S medium format camera body-only kit in new condition, AND you have a serious DSLR or mirrorless or medium format camera you are willing to part with, Adorama has a Fuji GFX-50S Trade-In Promotion.

You can only trade-in one of the cameras listed in the aforelinked promotional page. They are serious cameras, for example, among Canons, it starts with the 6D and goes up to the 1D*; among Nikons it is D600 and up, among Sonys it is Sony a850/900, a7* and up, and so forth. Some medium format cameras are also eligible. See the complete list in this PDF file (direct link to PDF file).

I haven’t done this promotion, but based on the Promotional page, the steps are these:

  • fill in your information in the Trade-In form
  • send your used camera to Adorama
  • after Adorama receives your used camera and evaluates it, they will send you:
    1. a check for the value of your used camera
    2. a coupon code that gets you $650 off the purchase of the Fuji GFX-50S
  • using the coupon code, you can them purchase the GFX-50S for $650 off its current price