(ENDED) Thursday Lightning Deals: ePhoto, Opteka, Sandisk, Ape, NIX

At this point in time, the lightning deals are pretty much happening on a round the clock basis at the Amazon Camera & Photo Lightning Deals… Expired highlights after the jump…


A fairly modest day in today’s round of lightning deals happening at the Amazon Gold Box. You can filter it some by checking the Camera & Photo Lightning Deals page but they don’t always have everything camera and photo related there.

+ starts Thur 9:40am ET for Prime members, 10:20am ET for Everybody: various Sandisk USB 3.0 Flash Drives
+ starts Thur 12:50pm ET: 15-inch NIX X15C Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor & 16GB Memory
+ starts 12:50pm ET for Prime members, 1:20pm ET for Everybody: Opteka MP100 67″ Professional Heavy Duty Photo / Video Monopod
+ starts 5:50pm ET: ePhoto VL9026s 2000 Watt Lighting Studio Portrait Kit with Carrying Case with 2 Soft boxes, 2 Light Heads and 10 Fluorescent Bulbs
+ starts 6:50pm ET: Ape Case DSLR Camera Case, Holster Bag
+ starts 7:50pm ET: Ape Case Standard Digital SLR Holster Camera Bag (different model)
+ more items may or may not be added by Amazon later in the day
+ blog-post updated: Thursday 12:45am ET
+ PS: diaper bags look very similar to camera bags when looking at those small widget thumbnails 🙂


  1. S.W. Anderson says

    (Sigh). These offerings are modest, bleh and mind-numbingly predictable. Why do I suspect that somewhere in the decision-making labyrinth at Amazon, someone with a passion for cameras and photography is dealing with warehouses full of kiddie clothes and pet accessories? Meanwhile, someone with a strong background in industrial/commercial shelving, and before that, hardware fasteners, is in charge of photographic merchandising — someone who thinks Edward Steichen is a grand hotel in Brussels, or something, and an Olympus Pen is probably a pricey writing instrument.

    • LOL! Maybe these are decided by computers with humans only defining some sort of parameters on the sales? Or using a digital 8-ball? 🙂