The IN (GH5, X100F, X-T2), and OUT (D7500, X-T2 Graph) Report

I just updated the Stock Status Tracker and the following cameras are currently in-stock:

+ Panasonic GH5 for $2000 by Samy’s Camera (eBay) and Kenmore (eBay)

+ Fuji X100F silver for $1300 by Best Buy (eBay)

+ Fuji X100F black for $1300 by Focus Camera (eBay)

+ Fuji X-T2 body only for $1600 by Adorama and B&H Photo

+ Olympus E-M1 II body for $2000 but has “Best Offer” enabled by Pixel Connection (eBay)

+ all Canon 77D kits now get 2% promotional rewards at B&H Photo

+ used Fuji GFX-50S in used condition for $5860 at Amazon Warehouse Deals

+ out of stock: Fuji X-T2 Graphite, X-T2 with 18-55, Nikon D7500