Tamrac Brushwick camera shoulder bags, Benro Monopods, Etc (ends Sat)

The day after a big holiday often feels like a Monday but if you look at the calendar and your smartwatch and your smartphone and your old tick-tock wall-clock, they all agree, it’s Friday and whether you are in love or not there is a new set of B&H daily deals, which, as usual on Fridays, lasts until Saturday at 11:59pm ET but the B&H website does not accept orders between Friday PM and Saturday PM [check website for details]:

+ Tamrac Camera shoulder bags, three options, $20 to $50

+ Benro Monopods, two options, $100 to $130

+ Impact PowerSync Mini Transmitter and Receiver Kit for $70

+ Kopul CBT-12 – 12-in-1 Cable Tester for $30

UPDATE: speaking of daily deals, one of the Woot dailies is the refurbishe Kindle Oasis e-reader (2017 model, 7″ Carta e-ink, waterproof) going for $100 in the 8GB model and $110 in the 32GB model. Well worth the extra $10 for the 32GB especially if you read books with lots of images, pictures, diagrams, etc. Or manga and graphic novels. This model supports Audible as well so you can load up your DRM’ed audiobooks on it as well… When sold on Woot, these come with a 90-day Woot warranty. The ones sold at Amazon as certified come with a 1-year warranty. Needless to say the price reflects the inclusion/exclusion of the longer warranty…

PS: I don’t have this model, I’m still at the refurbished Kindle Voyage… I would say e-readers were one of the most important technological developments of the last decade, especially if you like reading text-mostly books. They got me back into reading big time!