Sunday: FREE to Watch: Photo Week 2017 reruns continue

12pm eastern (9am pacific) is the start of a new streaming day at Creative LIVE and according to their On-AIR Schedule, continuing today is a FREE to watch repeat of the Photo Week 2017 which has two parallel channels of online classes. These repeat throughout the night. This will continue until November 6 (Monday).

Coming up in the next few days:
+ Wednesday: “Adobe Photoshop 101” by Ben Willmore
+ Friday: “Family Group Posing” (LIVE)
+ November 13: “Posing 101: Essentials” by Lindsay Adler
+ November 14: “Studio Lighting Basics”
+ November 16: “Practical Adobe Photoshop Basics” (LIVE)
+ December 4: “Portrait Photography Fundamentals” (LIVE)

“LIVE”, as designated with a yellow tag in the On-AIR Schedule listings indicates that a class is recorded LIVE, it is the world premiere. Classes without the LIVE indicator are rebroadcasts/reruns but still free to watch during the dates shown in the On-Air schedule.