Sunday Camera & Photo Lightning Deals

The theme of the day for Sunday at the Amazon USA Gold Box is Amazon-branded products, which are harder to spot these days since they have a gazillion different sub-brands. Back in our time kids, when we had to go to school walking up the hill backwards in the blizzard under a scorching blood red sky, they only had AmazonBasics. Which is one of their sub-brands that is on sale today, along with “Daily Essentials” and Fire/Echos, etc…

Meanwhile at the 100+ Camera & Photo Lightning Deals, as of the time of writing, of potential interest, they have:

+ studio, lightning and background kits

+ action cams and generic P&S cameras & camcorders
+ and kids cameras too

+ on-camera flashes (Neewer of course)

+ stabilizer-y things including tripods

+ digiframes

+ monoculars and binoculars
+ sorry, no trinoculars 😉