Stock Update: Fuji X-T2 goes IN and OUT, Everything Else In-Stock

The Stock Status Tracker has just been updated. There was one Fuji X-T2 when I did the update, but by the time I wrote an alert-post here, it got scooped up (for reference, this is the now sold-out listing).

For some reason PopFlash lists their X-T2 cameras one at a time instead of all of them at once, so they may list more (if they have more). This pre-filled eBay search query searches for Fujifilm Cameras only in their eBay store.

Price-wise this kit is the same as buying the items separately, the X-T2 body only goes for $1600 on its own, while the VPB-XT2 Battery Grip goes for $329 on its own. The only difference is that they charge shipping and handling.