(ENDED) 8TB Seagate Expansion External HDD for $142.50

This persistent 8TB for $142 sale is dead as of a 11/28/17 PM recheck…

Another offer with “staying power” (or it returned), the new condition 8TB Seagate Expansion External USB 3.0 Hard Drive goes for $142.49 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon herself with up to three units per customer.

The rest of the Seagate Thanksgiving sales continue (or have returned) as well:
+ 4TB Backup Plus External in Blue for $92 (was $94)
+ 5TB Backup Plus External for $120 (four different colors if you like to color-code backups)
+ 8TB Backup Plus Hub External for $150
+ 8TB Backup Plus Hub External for MAC for $150 (hoooray no Apple Tax!)

Speaking of continuing, most of Amazon’s Own Hardware Sales are continuing as well, Echos, Fires, Kindles, and Dash buttons.