Starts Monday 12pm ET (FREE to Watch): “Creating a Fine Art Series” with Brooke Shaden

Mark your calendars. There are two potentially-interesting marathon classes at Creative LIVE ON-AiR with the free streams starting on Monday 9/11/23 at 12pm eastern time:

+ 8 hours and 37 minutes “Creating a Fine Art Series with photographer Brooke Shaden
+ it has 70 chapters which can give you a pretty pretty good idea on what will get covered in the class

+ 13 hour and 48 minutes “Become Fluent in Any Language” with opera singer (!!!) Gabriel Wyner
+ the first two lessons are “Kindle samples” so you can watch them ahead of time to see if it’s something you’d be interested in watching
+ CAUTION: side-effects of the class may include spontaneously speaking in tongues 😉