Starts 12pm ET (World Premiere): Choosing the Right Lens (FREE to Watch Class)

Lensaholics of the world, unite and take over! Starting at 12pm eastern today (Wednesday 1/3/18), CreativeLIVE will have the world premiere (recording LIVE) of a brand new class, Choosing the Right Lens with John Greengo, FREE to watch/stream during this promotion.

The class runs from 12pm to 7pm ET with a live studio audience. There is usually a lunch break because …humans! It will then likely repeat through the night until 12pm ET of the next day. If you like it well enough you’ll want to watch it more times in the future, it is available on a pre-order sale for $39.

For all the other free-to-watch classes, check the latest CreativeLIVE ON-AIR schedule page.