Sandisk Ultra Dual Drives (USB-C, USB Full Size): 64GB for $22, 128GB for $41

Earlier in the week we mentioned sales of the microUSB and USB full size dual drives. And just as I finally figured out how to “feel” the correct side of microUSB by touch, everyone is switching to USB-C now 😉

Which brings us to the Sandisk Ultra dual drives with one side USB-C and the other side USB full size (Type A). The 64GB version goes for $22.49, while the 128GB version goes for $41~. The 32GB version is $17~ which puts it too close to the 64GB price. Both of the 64GB and 128GB look like automated price-matches of 3rd-party sellers, so expiration time is unknown. Free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order.

PS: or you can attach a microUSB to USB-C adapter to your current microUSB/USB-Full-size dual drive device 🙂