Samsung Gear 360 VR camera for $226

The new condition USA warranty version of the Samsung Gear 360 VR camera is currently on sale for $226 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself. Limit up to three units per customer. This price is for Prime-members only at this point in time.

PS: I turned in-browser spell-checking back on again, so random misspellings should be cut down. I turned it off because the browser spell-checking can get jumpy spell-checking the long lightning deals posts (which are full of non-words, such as “href”). On the other hand, the two keyboard approach (mechanical in front for most of the text typing; and the previously mentioned Logitech G105 for macros, keypad, and night light) appears to have significantly improved the typing/writing aspects of doing this 🙂 The danger of this is falling into the mechanical keyboard addiction ~ I suppose I could start a mechanical keyboard blog if that happens 🙂

PS: all fixed-lens cameras that are not camera-cameras are now under the Other Cameras category (action cameras, smartphones, VR cameras, 360 cameras, drones, etc).