(SOLD OUT) Samsung Chromebook PRO + $50 Gift Card for $500 (and $20 Google and 6-mo Netflix)

UPDATE 12/17/17 at 8:49pm ET: both the PRO and the PLUS are currently sold out and cannot be purchased… Previous updates and details after the jump….

UPDATE 12/16/17 at 1pm ET: The PRO offer continues to be in-stock!!! The PLUS remains out of stock…

Thanks to the gift card promotion, Amazon is effectively price-matching their Black Friday prices by offering the new condition Intel-powered Samsung Chromebook PRO (model XE510C24-K01US) for $500 with a FREE $50 Amazon Gift Card (physical gift card). Add both to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. The price of the gift card will be automatically deducted while this offer is running.

The PLUS model (ARM powered) is currently sold out but also participating in the offer.

These must be SOLD and SHIPPED by Amazon itself. Not 3rd-party sellers!


The above is what you get from Amazon but that’s not all! IF you activate your device by 12/31/17, you can easily and quickly claim some really good Google Chromebook offers for these two models from the Chromebook Offers page:

  • 6 months of the $11/month Netflix streaming plan
  • $20 Google Play gift card
  • two years of an extra 100GB of Google Drive
  • Gaming credit: $60 of in-game currency for Asphalt 8
  • the Google Play Music free trial is available from other sources as well (new subscribers only for this offer), so it’s not a big deal, more of a convenience to start a free trial from the same place as the other offers

The $20 Google Play store credit is only for the Samsung Chromebook PRO and PLUS.

The Netflix 6-month freebie is good for the aforementioned Samsungs and the Pixelbook.

To claim the freebies (once you receive and activate your new Samsung PRO/PLUS) you must be logged on to a Google account on the actual eligible Chromebook device. Google’s page check to verify eligibility. If you are getting the $20 Google Play Store Credit, make sure you are logged on with the Google account that is your designated Google Play account.

The promotion may also apply if you had previously purchased new condition eligible products and haven’t claimed this offer yet.

You must claim the freebies by 12/31/17.

I just did this. It works with existing Netflix accounts, you don’t have to create a new one. I did not have an active Netflix subscription to test that, but it restarted my subscription. IF you prefer a different plan, you can do that and you’ll get the equivalent ($66~) in Netflix credit.


This full pen/pencil size Samsung-Staedtler stylus (passive, no charging/power needed) works out of the box with these two models and a number of other Samsung Note phones, tablets and laptops.

It goes for $22.59 with free shipping at B&H Photo and $27 by Amazon itself. It went as low as $15 during the Black Friday madness, so if you don’t want/need it right away, you can always wait for future sales.


In other ChromeOS action, their current flagship, the Google Pixelbook has a $32 off combined purchase discount if you buy the Pixelbook + Pixelbook Pen. This offer is running on both the 128GB and 256GB models.

A number of other Chromebooks are getting a $50 Gift Card from Amazon but not most of the Google Play freebies.