Refurbished Tamron Lenses (14 options)

It turns out there are more refurbished Tamron lenses at Adorama. As of the time of writing, 14 options are available in various combinations of lens and system. Most of them are zooms, except for the 90mm. You can use the listing options over there at Adorama to filter by price or mount. Prices range from $180 to $899. They get a 90-day warranty.

As usual, price-check the lenses if you are not familiar with their price range, as sometimes the new vs refurbished vs used prices may not be in-sync or appropriately staircases. Don’t forget to also price-check at KEH Camera which offers a 180-day warranty.

Note also that Tamron offers a six year warranty on new condition Tamron USA lenses, so that’s something to factor in the price difference if you are a fan of included manufacturer warranties.