Refurbished Canon M3 Body w/1-YR W for $329 [or w/15-45 for $399]

If you already have Canon mirrorless system lenses, or you are planning to use the lens mount adapter, or don’t want/need the “with 15-45mm” kits, another Canon mirrorless camera on the way out is the M3. The body remains available with some free accessories for $429 at Adorama, same price as mid early November when we posted the Mirrorless Price Charts.

But if you want to shave $100 off that price, and still get a 1-year warranty from Canon, you can get it for $329 in manufacturer refurbished condition (manurefurb) where it is one of the 38 cameras in their refurbished iLC sale.

It is in-stock as of the time of writing. I’m including this phrase in the Canon refurbished deal posts because some of the offers they have there are “out of stock” and cannot be ordered. By typing it in, it’s another safeguard in preventing me from posting unpurchasable deals 🙂

UPDATE: but if you want a “take pictures with” kit, you can get it in either black or white for $399 with a 1-year warranty in manufacturer refurbished condition. Both colors are in-stock as of the time of writing.