Pre-order new Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 [also: new arrivals from Flashpoint, Glow, 3Pod, Orlit]

Nitro is not just the trending cold brew coffee at Starbucks. It’s also trending at Manfrotto, their new line-up of Manfrotto Nitrotech tripod-alia is now available for pre-ordering at Adorama. The N12 head goes for $600, while the three tripod bundles range from $1100 to $1480.

These are not the only new arrivals at Adorama, they also have new lightning products from Flashpoint, Glow and 3Pod. The 3Pod ball heads range from $20 to $50, the Glow reflectors range from $40 to $80, while the Flashpoint Rapid Monolights range from $550 to $800, while the Orlit Roverlights range from $560 to $620.

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