Pre-order new Fuji X-A5 with 15-45 XC PZ OIS for $600

Mirrorless cameras just scored a second goal in 2018, giving them a 2-0 {corrected; I need a numeric keypad to type numbers apparently} lead over DSLRs in 2018. It is the new Fuji X-A5 mirrorless camera bundled with the all new 15-45mm f3.5-5.6 PZ OIS silver lens with a pre-order price of $600. This 24mp non-X-Trans APS-C camera will be available in three camera-body color-schemes [silver, brown, pink]. It looks like all of them come with the silver 15-45mm lens.

The camera comes with a variety of modern amenities and features, touchscreen, 4K, filters, etc.

It is available for pre-ordering for $600 at Amazon by Amazon itself (February 8 release estimate) and Adorama and B&H Photo (February 8 release estimate as well)…

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The included lens is brand new from Fuji, and it is also available for pre-ordering separately for $300. For photographers who may want the lens only, it is may still be a better value to get the X-A5 kit and then sell/trade/gift the camera if you don’t want/need it or fall in love with it. Or wait until other people do this and buy the lens in the used market or the trade/exchange section of your favorite photo forums…

This too has been added to the New Cameras of 2018 tracking page.