(ENDED) PNY Storage Sale: 256GB Elite SD for $65, 64GB PRO Elite for $25, 128GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive for $20 [14 options]

This PNY sale expired but Amazon has recurring memory card and storage promotions from various manufacturers every few weeks…


One of the Amazon Gold Box daily deals good until Tuesday 3am Eastern (or earlier for any individual items that sell out) is a sale on PNY SD*, microSD* and Flash Drives. A total of 14 different products are participating with a limit of three per individual item per customer.

The sale includes the 64GB PNY PRO Elite (black, U3, 95R, 90W, P-SDX64U395PRO-GE) for $25, and the 32GB version of that for $16 each.

Also part of the sale is the Elite Performance line of SD cards (with the yellow stripe and gray label) with the 256GB version going for $65, the 128GB version for $36, the 64GB version for $18.39 and the 32GB for $10.39. Use the little tabs on the product page to check the different storage options (32 to 256). The 256GB is now the best bang for the buck in terms of GB/$.

TIP: you don’t even have to calculate GB/S, simply multiply or divide by two the price of each as you go up or down each storage tier to figure this out. This works because they are all multiples of each other, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512.

Also participating in the sale are PNY microSD cards, the black with neon-green text, with the 128GB version going for $30, the 64GB for $20, the 32GB for $11 and the 16GB for $7. Use the little tabs on the product page to check the different storage options.

Last but not least are five USB Flash Drives, two low storage USB 3.0, and three USB 2.0, with the best bang for the bang being the 128GB version for $20.

You can find all of these at the PNY Storage sale page, which ends at 3am ET on Tuesday. As of the time of writing, there are 14 products, but the number may drop if any of them sell out.