Photoshop Week is now LIVE at CL, Free to Watch, Two Parallel Streams

The wait is over! Photoshop Week at CreativeLIVE is now live! There are two parallel streams of classes running Monday through Saturday afternoon. The classes are FREE to watch during the live-streaming/recording, in typical CreativeLIVE fashion. Classes will repeat overnight, so if there are two classes of interest running in parallel, you can watch them when they rerun at night.

You can find the complete schedule Monday through Saturday at the Photoshop Week page. During this promotional period, they are offering the whole Photoshop Week bundle (42 classes total) for a one low price of $299.

The individual classes are not shown at the CreativeLIVE ON-AIR schedule, instead they have a single block entry for the whole Photoshop Week 2018. Click on that and it will take you to the aforelinked Photoshop Week page. If you are not interested in Photoshop, check the aforelinked ON-AIR page to see what other classes they are offering.