(ENDED) Pentax 24-70mm f2.8 for $1032 (ends Tue 1am ET)

This lightning deal expired but it was a step in the right direction, finally a pro-caliber lens appearing!…

As teased last night in the Lightning Deals, part of the latest Gold Box specials, Amazon itself is offering the Pentax D FA 24-70mm F2.8ED SDM WR Lens for $1032 with free shipping. The sale ends by 1am ET on Tuesday (or earlier if sold out). The price before the sale was $1300 last night. Non-Prime members can buy it starting at 7:30pm ET.

+ 10:07pm ET: back to 100% claimed – it may likely yo-yo until the 6-hours elapse and the offer ends

+ 8:52pm ET: back to 88% claimed, open for all to buy!

+ 8:38pm ET: 100% continues, Join Waiting List if interested

+ 8:03pm ET: back to 100% Claimed and the Waiting List

+ 7:46pm ET: back to 88% Claimed, so you can buy it right away, no need for Waiting Lists

+ 7:32pm ET: back to 100% Claimed – now non-Prime members can buy it as well – again, the 15 minute rule applies, so as we get closer to 8pm ET, it may drop below 100% claimed again. Having said that, we do not know how many they have available and we don’t know if their computer algorithms are able to add additional units if the offer sells too fast, so it’s all speculation here

+ 7:22pm ET: down to 88% claimed now – you don’t have to join the Waiting List – you can buy it outright. Non-Prime members can buy this at 7:30pm ET

+ 7:09pm ET: do not panic just yet, wait until after 7:16pm ET 🙂

+ 7:04pm ET: 100% Claimed, Join Waiting List

+ 7:01pm ET: it is 88% claimed but do not panic – people have 15 minutes to complete the transaction once they add it to cart. If they don’t, it returns to the pool of buyers. Often, the percentage claimed drops significantly after the first 15 minutes. Look for a drop around 7:15pm to 7:17pm ET (unless it sells out)

Meanwhile, running in parallel until 1:25am ET on Tuesday (this is very unlikely to sell out) is the Drobo 5D 20TB: Direct Attached Storage – 5 bay array – 20TB storage included with 5 x 4TB hard drives – USB 3 and Thunderbolt ports (DRDR5A21-20TB) going for $1289. The price before the sale last night when I posted the Lightning Deals schedule was $1432.