Panasonic GX8 with 12-60mm and Choice of Freebies for $998

The Panasonic GX8 body only (in either black or silver) is bundled with the Panasonic 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 ASPH PowerOIS lens for $998 at select authorized Panasonic dealers that also include some freebies.

At B&H Photo, you get 4% promotional rewards, which is about $40 to spend in future B&H purchases.

At Adorama, you a 32GB SD card, camera bag, card reader, memory card wallet, cleaning kit, and the good old Corel software bundle (which includes Aftershot PRO 2, PSP X9, and VideoStudio 9).

At both places, you can optionally increase the original warranty from 1-year to 3-years by filing paperwork with Panasonic. Because the more computers we have, the more paperwork we need 🙂

UPDATE: but wait, there’s more! Ritz Cameras thru Amazon (Prime eligible) has its own bundle for $998, a 64GB Transcend SDXC card, extra Polaroid battery, extra charger, 72-inch tripod, Polaroid Slave Flash, 58mm UV filter, and assorted accessotrinkets (= accessories + trinkets).

If you are a Prime member and pay with either the Prime Store Credit card or the Amazon Chase VISA credit card, you automatically earn 5% back as a statement credit. This applies to everything at Amazon, but I don’t want to repeat it in every post, so I randomly mention it as a reminder FIY 🙂

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