(OUT OF STOCK) Olympus Outlet Store returns with two $1000 PRO lenses

As of a 11/8/17 AM recheck, these are out of stock and cannot be ordered, but they have also been discounted…

Rejoice Olympus fans! There is some life at the Olympus Outlet Store again. Two professional lenses of the refurbished kind have been added there, the 25/1.2 for $1020 and the 12-100/4 IS for $1105. Yes, there is an IS Olympus lens, so one thing to learn from this is to “never say never” in a forum, because years later, someone will say, “look there’s an Olympus IS lenses”, “look there’s a bright zoom”, “look there’s a …” 🙂

These two lenses, in new condition, at authorized dealers such as Adorama [CORRECTED LINK] go for $1200 and $1300 respectively (with promotional rewards).