Olympus E-P1 silver w/14-42mm for $220

NewEgg launched its own Groupon-style service called NewEggFlash and a new offer that went live today (expiring by 10/19/14) offers the Olympus PEN E-P1 Silver w/14-42mm for $220 with free shipping. The bottom of the page says this is covered by the Photo-4-Now return policy, which we can assume means that Photo-4-Now is the seller.


  1. Reposting this comment manually, originally posted by S.W. Anderson on 10/13/14, lost in the shuffle while experimenting with comments settings and plug-ins. Original comment follows below:

    This is a remarkable and curious deal. Neweggflash doesn’t specify if these E-P1’s are new old stock or reconditioned. Either way, it’s a long reach back in models, almost like if Ford were to start selling ’64 Mustangs again at the ’64 price. Even so, the E-P1 is a whole lot of interchangeable lens camera goodness for $220.

    That said, I would encourage anyone shopping for an ILC in this price range to at least consider taking a close look at the much newer Olympus E-PM1 (I’m sure dpreview has reviews). It’s available at Olympus’ Web site for $239.99 with the newer 14-42 IIR kit zoom lens (getolympus.com; hover on the “Savings” tab and go to “reconditioned cameras”). The E-PM1 offers faster startup, less lag between shots, continuous autofocus, a newer and better jpg processing engine and has a 460,000 pixel LCD vs. the E-P1’s 230,000 screen. The E-PM1 also has an accessory port that allows mounting an electronic viewfinder or external mic,; the E-P1 doesn’t appear to have that. The E-PM1’s IIR lens has bayonet ridges that allow mounting Oly’s excellent add-on wide angle and fisheye lenses. (I have the wide angle, and it’s the only supplementary lens I’ve ever used on a zoom that didn’t noticeably degrade image quality.) If video is a priority, the E-PM1 goes to 1080p/60 fps, whereas the E-P1 tops out at 720p/30 fps.

    If a buyer can stretch his outlay, the E-PL5 at $399 offers more and better than the E-PM1 for a reasonable price. If $220 is a bit over budget, the E-PL1 can be had at Oly’s site for $199, albeit with the same first-edition kit zoom and very similar specs to the E-P1. However, the E-PL1 does have the accessory port that makes it possible to mount an EVF (check to see if a firmware update is necessary).

    I hope this information is helpful, or at least interesting. 😉